2011 BMW M3 Coupe Review

No one would be insane enough to pass up the chance to get behind the wheel of the 2011 BMW M3 sports coupe. It’s every motorhead’s wet dream: blistering acceleration, impeccable handling, braking power that almost defies physics, cat-like grip, and superb control.

Compared to its rivals in the super sports coupe class—Audi has the RS4 and the S5 while Mercedes-Benz has the C63 AMG—the M3 (E90-body) gives speed addicts the best fix.

The design and styling are truly remarkable. This Bavarian masterpiece has a new face that partially reveals its motorsports pedigree. If the car were an animal, it would be an alpha male. The new hood (it has two intake vents), for instance, serves as a warning to the rest of the pack to steer clear: This bimmer has V8 engine.

And since it is the dominant male, it has features that will get the females’ attention: a superb curved lining straight to the signature badge that goes well with the glossy paint job, a redesigned front bumper, plus the kidney grille supported by a bold and sporty front bumpers. (The unit I tested was painted a fiery red.)

Most noticeable is the black carbon-fiber roof. Because the M3’s top was lightened, its center of gravity was lowered, giving the driver excellent handling. The car’s functional side vents, quad exhaust outlets and pop-out wheels also set it apart from its other 3-series siblings. The M3’s midsection is more comparable to the roadster cabrio and the Z4. The taillights are wider and look heavier. The four exhaust pipes produce a powerful grunt.

When you climb inside this two-door sports car, prepare to be mesmerized by the sight and smell of its German-crafted, premium leather-wrapped interior.

Man, I really love the seats! The M3 has solid bolster front seats that can hold your body tight, especially when negotiating twisties. The car’s designers put multiple adjustments in the front seats to help both driver and passenger get the perfect and comfortable position.

The M3’s V8 engine emits a low, solid growl as it redlines and spews 420hp (thanks to its Valvetronic and Bi-Vanos technology). Trust me. It almost sounded like my Mozart CD. The 6-speed manual shift action is solid and precise, which is exactly what I expect from a sports car like the M3.

No problem when it comes to safety. The car is equipped with ABS, side airbag curtains, and a compound brake disc. Braking power is very impressive. Its high-performance, specially designed brake system gives you peace of mind especially in sharp curves. The chassis’ superb balance, plus phenomenal road grip (courtesy of four Michelin Pilot Sport tires) makes you wish you’re on a racetrack.

The V8-engine gulps fuel like a monster every time you rev it up. But, I don’t think fuel consumption is an issue considering that one has to have around 7.990 million pesos for this beast. Besides, riding an M3 is like taming an animal. Something like a cross between a cheetah and a bull. On acid. And it’s angry.

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