2011 Chevrolet Captiva Review

I have always fancied cross-over vehicles as I always look for value in anything. I like the tough & sport feel of SUVs yet I also look for comfort especially for the riders, my family. A family car is a very important vehicle as memories and bonds are fortified in many family trips taken in those vehicles. Yet, family cars often look well, like family cars. My daughter Gabbie calls those typical family cars (usually minivans) “Soccer Mom Cars”. Even if I’m a Dad and love my family dearly, I’m still a dude and I don’t think I would want to be seen driving a car that looks like a “Soccer Mom Car”.

Enter the 2011 Chevrolet Captiva.

From the external looks, it looks like a sporty, tough and sturdy compact SUV. In the inside, you will be surprised that it can seat 7 passengers comfortably with ample leg room. This is definitely not one of those vehicles that claims to seat 7 passengers, but 5 of them should be kids under 7 years old. I really like the way the car was designed, inside and out. Comfortable seats, spacious head room as well as leg room is great for a big guy like me. The Captiva comes with some extras that really pack it with a lot of value. I personally liked the quality DVD & in dash monitor and the ultra useful GPS that comes standard with all Captivas. My kids really enjoyed watching their favorite shows which prevent them from asking me “are we there yet?” while my wife doesn’t second guess me when it comes to road directions, thanks to the GPS.

2011 Chevrolet Captiva Interior

The ride of the Chevrolet Captiva was superb! Compared to popular SUV’s that makes you feel you are riding a bouncy pick-up truck, the Captiva actually rides like a comfortable sedan, no exaggeration. The unit I was able to test has a 2.0L CRDi Diesel engine that is really powerful yet surprisingly fuel efficient. For the kind of engine power the Captiva delivers, you would think that it guzzles a lot of petrol and yet I was amazed at its fuel efficiency.

The Captiva is perfect for me and my family – well, nearly perfect. There is only one thing I did not like in the Chevrolet sub compact SUV: Air conditioner vents are only found in the front. I was expecting a dual air con for a car the size of the Captiva. I believe most 7 seat vehicles have dual air cons but not seeing it in the Captiva is a tad disappointing. However, to the car’s credit, the air conditioner of the Captiva is sufficient to keep everyone in the car cool and cozy and I didn’t have to put the air con on full blast even if we had quite a few passengers on board.

Good exterior, great interior, awesome amenities and a pleasant driving experience give me an apt word to describe the Captiva: VALUE! With SRP of P 1,385,000 for the 2.0L CRDi variant, you really get your money’s worth – plus more.

The Chevrolet Captiva captivated me and my family; it will captivate you as well.

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