I must admit that I was one of those who underestimated the Suzuki APV.

I guess it was because of its weird boxy shape appearance—some say ugly. But those preoccupied with the looks department have little between their ears and are bound to make stupid car purchases later.

The APV II has a spacious cabin that can easily fit seven passengers. That’s why it’s perfect for weekend family trips. Its doors can be opened real wide, allowing easy entry and exit. All its seats can be fully reclined and slid, giving passengers more comfort and space. And there’s more than enough room for cargo.

The APV-II has been upgraded with a host of new features, especially a smoother ride thanks to a new rear suspension.

Outside, the APV II now sports a fresher, meaner and sportier look. The new design of the front fascia, for instance, caught my attention right away. The old rectangular headlamps are now replaced by a sharper pair that could compete with those found in sedans. The front grille, with a solid Suzuki badge, is muscular yet refined. The two high fog lamps embedded in the bumper, plus the ventilated mesh in between, complete the APV’s transformation.

APV has a new trapezoidal headlights, new front grille, new set of 14-inch rims, and dual front airbags and ABS.


Inside, the APV II has “power everything”: windows, door locks, steering. It also has a new 2-DIN CD/cassette/AM/FM stereo that looks perfect on the well-balanced dashboard. But I have admit I was surprised not to find a DVD player. I think DVD players should be standard family vehicle fare. (Trust me, you’ll need one, especially if you have whiny brats aboard during long drives.) I guess if you have the tunes kids listen to these days, there won’t be much of a problem. There are six speakers to fill the cabin from the APV’s MP3 player.

As a people carrier, it can still seat 8 with plenty of luggage space and legroom to spare

The vehicle’s powerful air conditioner assures both driver and passenger need not worry about humidity. The dual air conditioning of the APV II gives passengers—both front and rear—an artic-cold blast.

The APV II has 91 hp under its hood. Though, I find the 1.6-liter too slow especially when accelerating. There’s a bit of delay once your gear shifted automatically and reaches to a powerband of 3,000 rpm. But that’s more than enough power to haul your wife’s oversize luggage up to Baguio. What’s more, the engine is designed to give you good balance between power and economy. This writer only consumes 13.5 km per liter in mixed city driving.

Apart from its practically packaging, the APV’s suspension system also ensures a stable and comfy ride. Suzuki put a pair of MacPhersons and coil springs in front and three-link rigid axle with coil springs in the rear to go along with its 185/80/R14 wheel and tire combo.

Still, if you’re thinking of buying a new vehicle for your family, don’t be too quick to dismiss this vehicle until you actually drive one. It is, by far, the most practical and functional all-purpose vehicle in the market. Believe me; it offers the best value for your hard-earned money.



 Vehicle 2011 Suzuki APV Type II SGX

Type Compact MPV

Engine 1.6-liter SOHC 16-valve with multipoint fuel injection, gasoline

Maximum power 91 at 5,750 rpm

Maximum torque 127 Nm at 4,500 rpm

Transmission Four-speed A/T



 Length 4,230 mm

Width 1,655 mm

Height 1,855 mm

Wheelbase 2,625 mm

Wheel size and type 14-inch alloy

Tire size 185/80 R14

Price as tested P810,000

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  1. The apv sgx is getting less and less features but getting more expensive by the year model. 2016 model has 6 speakers while 2017 has only 4.

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