2017 Ford Vehicles Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


A bit of good news for those looking into owning a Ford towards the end of the year. It has been confirmed that 2017 Ford vehicles, which include: the Escape and Explorer, can easily access the content of your smartphone through Ford’s Sync 3. Sync 3 will be compatible with your device, whether you’re using iOS or Android via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, just as long as you at least have an iPhone 5 or an Android device running on Android Lollipop. This means that you can pretty much access most of your phones’ features, such as: your messages, your music, maps, and other third-party apps. Sync 2 or other Bluetooth car applications can already connect to our phones, and even read our messages — How does this differ?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows you to control your device straight from your vehicle’s screen, which means less time actually fiddling with your phone if you need to input new destinations on Waze or whether you’d like to change the song on your Spotify playlist, and so on; this also means you can use the voice functions on your device. We still wouldn’t recommend fiddling with the screen while driving, even though it sounds like your peripheral vision will be less impaired compared to when you’re staring down at your phone.

Our friends from Ford Philippines confirm that select vehicles equipped with Sync 3 will begin hitting the Philippine market in the latter part of the year, which will be released in phases. We’ll be giving you updates as soon as more details have been shared with us.

Source: Engadget

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