3 Things You Should Know About the Anti-Distracted Driving Act


We’re sure your wall was pretty much littered with friends, family, and colleagues sharing articles about the recent bill approved by Senate that penalizes drivers using their mobile devices. You’re probably already thinking about how to adjust your life, so you don’t have to worry about a rather hefty fine each time you go out for a drive — We know we’ve been thinking about it. If you haven’t read the articles posted on line regarding the Bill. Here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid getting caught.

1.) You can still be caught at a red light.

Yes, yes. We know that it’s relatively safe to use your mobile phone when the stoplights flash red, but how many times have we been distracted by a cat video only to be harshly honked at by the drivers behind you. With the congestion in the Metro Manila, every precious second counts to cross that intersection. It could also greatly reduce noise pollution levels.

2.) Invest in a Bluetooth Headset or Hands-Free Kits

You are still free to take calls as long as your hands are on the steering wheel, but we’re not entirely sure whether or not you can make outgoing calls. We’re also guessing that navigation apps like Waze should be safe to use so long as you, again, have your hands in the 10 and 2 position while driving. According to the article on TopGear, you’re free to use the speaker phone function and earphones with microphones, but we wouldn’t recommend using the latter all the time as it does make you less aware of your surroundings.

3.) Government Vehicles Are NOT Exempted from this Law

Yup. When the law is successfully passed and you see a vehicle with the red plate with the manong chatting away on his cellphone, take a pic, and publicly shame them like we did with all of those LTO officers and Policemen who ride around without helmets. Emergency Vehicles will be exempted from this law, but only if they are on duty.

There you have it. The Anti-Distracted Driving Act in a nutshell. We’re pretty sure that the President will sign off on the bill and officially make it a law. It may seem like an inconvenience that we can no longer use our mobile phones during daily drives, but it does make the road a tad safer. We also hope that the boys in blue, yellow, or whatever color your local TMO sports doesn’t abuse this to line their pockets.

Jamie Inocian

A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.


  1. Fyi hindi npo 10 2 ang standardposition sa paghawak ng steering wheels. 9 3 or a bit lower kung kaya mo

  2. Kung tutuusin, common sense lang naman ang dapat gamitin while driving. Bakit ka gagamit ng phone habang nagd-drive? E di nawala mga mata mo sa harap. kahit sabihin pang sumusulyapsulyap ka habang nagtetext, its not enough kasi mabibilis ang galaw ng mga sasakyan. At baka sa susunod na pagasulyap mo sa daan, nasa harap mo na ang disgrasya and no way na para maiwasan. Disgrasya talaga mahahanap mo sa ganyan. Dati, may karatula sa mga busses that says “Don’t talk to driver while is in motion”. Message is clear: don’t distract the driver. Drivers should always keep their eyes on the road.

    Dahil sa katigasan ng ulo ng ilang mga kababayan natin na hindi mapigilan gumamit ng phone while driving, kinailangan na ng batas para lang matigil ito na hindi na dapat isabatas ang ganito. Disiplina lang sa sarili kasi ang kailangan ng iba.

    I always say, accidents don’t just happen. They are caused by carelessness. Kaya yung mga drivers na sinisisi ang nawalan ng preno, its still carelessness. Bakit hindi mo na-check braking system mo bago ka nagpatakbo? Naging careless ka without checking your brakes. I know there are some people out there will not agree with me. But for every accident, try to dig deeper why it happened. Force majeure lang exception dito.

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