Apple Drops Hints on Developing Autonomous Vehicles


In the year 20XX, the Apple iCar will be unveiled in all its futuristic, autonomous-driving glory. That’s if Apple does push through with its long-rumored self-driving car ambitions.

Recently, the Cupertino-based tech titan revealed, through a letter to US transport regulators, that the company was “excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation.” According to Apple, there are “significant societal benefits” to self-driving vehicles.

Steve Kenner, Apple’s director of product integrity wrote the letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), urging for a more streamlined testing process for self-driving cars. He added that “established manufacturers and new entrants should be treated equally,” when it comes to the development of autonomous systems.

Kenner’s letter doesn’t explicitly state whether Apple intends to build an autonomous vehicle of its own. According to BBC, Apple has already registered several car-related Internet domains. As for the official announcement? Count on a huge Apple event for that in the future.

Currently, fellow tech titan Google is already testing their own autonomous vehicles on US roads. Electric car manufacturer Tesla has also vowed to build all their cars with the hardware necessary for self-driving systems.

Source: BBC News, PhoneArena

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