CD-R King’s Malibu Eco-Bike Is A Poor Man’s Segway

Malibu 2

Riding in style, the CD-R King Way

If you want an auto-balancing, two-wheeled contraption to carry through the metro but don’t have the dinero for a real Segway, you might want to check out the Malibu Eco-Bike, being sold by CD-R King. As far as the specs go it seems like the Malibu Eco-Bike is capable of balancing itself and its passenger while moving, and the price is an absolute steal (Php 68,000) considering a real Segway is upwards of Php 280,000 (seriously, we checked OLX).

Malibu 3

Anyway, the Malibu is capable of reaching speeds of up to 18 km/h and has a range of up to 25KM. Check it out in CD-R King’s own website.

Thanks Ed!


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    Nice, thoguh I still cant afford it at 68k, haha

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    ooh nakakatawa yung tittle “A Poor Man’s Segway” hahaha fvck libutin mo man ang buong Manila hindi ka makakakita ng 68k nakakahiya naman sa mayayaman

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    with 1 week replacement 3 months warranty.

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