Congress Approves Bill to Legalize Motorcycle-For-Hire Services

Angkas may soon be legalized

Here’s some good news for all patrons of motorcycle-hailing app Angkas: Congress has approved a bill legalizing motorcycles as public transport.

HB 8959, also known as the Motorcycles-for-Hire Act, gives the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) the authority to legalize the operation of motorcycle-hailing services like Angkas. Under the said bill, operators are required to provide insurance coverage for the driver, rider, and third party. In addition, the bill gives the LTFRB the power to determine fare rates and prescribe routes where motorcycle-hailing services are needed.

This development is welcome progress, as it is proof that Congress is working hard to legitimize Angkas and Habal-Habal as alternative means of transportation. Currently, there is a TRO issued last December 2018 that stopped Angkas from operating.

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