Cruise In Style With allHover’s Hoverboard

Not exactly the hoverboard you’ve been waiting for, but it’ll do

It’s 2015, and while the cruel promise of flying cars and hoverboards hasn’t materialized as of yet, there are still some awesome things available to us future citizens that Marty can’t get anywhere else. Case in point, allHover’s Hoverboard, an awesome two-wheeled, self-balancing mode of transport that might not be 100% practical, but 100% awesome.


While there are several two-wheel electric scooters out in the market, they’re not all made the same. For one thing that allHover uses 10-inch explosion-proof wheels, which is 2-inches bigger than more common models and allows riders to use the Hoverboard on uneven roads. allHover’s offering also uses all-original LG 18650 batteries that give you up to 20 kilometers of range. Other goodies include Steadyride tech, steering brake warning lamps, protective tire shields, anti-friction rubber pedals and sleek LED lights.


allHover’s Hoverboard is being offered by Kimstoreat just Php 12,480, and comes with a bunch of freebies including a carrying bag worth 1,500, and an allHover remote control that’s worth around Php 3,500.

John Nieves

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