Dominos Australia Built a Pizza Delivery Bot


Tesla and Google have been making waves with their self-driving cars and it seems like public utility vehicle drivers could be facing some tough times with these autonomous vehicles hitting the streets. But, it seems that pizza delivery dudes don’t have job security¬†either, because Domino’s Australia just built their DRU or the Domino’s Robotic Unit and unveiled it in Brisbane last Thursday.

Domino’s teamed up with Marathon Robotics and developed the DRU, which can deliver your order and accept payments. The four-wheeled droid uses GPS and lasers to make sure your pie gets to you safe and sound plus a camera array to keep tabs on the bot. To make sure that you get the perfect slice, it has both hot and cold compartments; no need to worry about your pizza getting cold or your drinks getting warm in transit. Once the DRU gets to your address, all you have to do is enter a code Domino’s provides once your order is placed, pay, and you’ve got yourself a pizza.

They’ve successfully tested the DRU in certain streets of Brisbane, but there’s more work to be done. We’re guessing it’ll take a ton of work to get a DRU running in the mean streets of Manila, so your favorite Kuya delivery guy can breathe easy… for now.

Check out their video down below.

Oh, and is this how SkyNet starts to take over the world? First the DRUs, then comes the T1000?

Source: DigitalTrends

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