Hyundai New Generation i30

The new Hyundai i30

Frankfurt Motorshow 2011 Dispatch: The New Generation Hyundai i30

Hyundai unveiled the new generation Hyundai i30 at the Frankfurt Motorshow 2011. It basically has a revamped look that’s supposed to make it more exciting and fun. Allow me to just lift a quote from the press release which basically talks about the refreshed design:

Thomas Brkle, Chief Designer at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre, commented: “The new-generation i30 is recognisable thanks to the Hyundai family face with its signature hexagonal-shaped front grille and the jewel-like design of the headlamps, together with distinctive daytime running lights. These lights present an angular shape within a more softly-edged recess, adding a strong personality to the vehicle, as well as a sense of refinement and luxury.”

“Through the profile of the new generation i30, a strong character line runs over the front and rear wheel arches all the way to the tail lamps. A softer, lower character line rises up the carís flank creating a play of light and shadow ñ a fundamental feature of fluidic sculpture,” Thomas Brkle concluded.

The Hyundai i30 comes with the Five Year Triple Care package. That’s five years of unlimited-mileage warranty, five years of roadside assistance, and five years of vehicle health checks. I’m not sure if this one applies in the Philippines so please do check with Hyundai PH when buying from them.

Here are a few more photos of the i30:

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