Is UberTaxi a Good Fit for the Philippines?

Uber Malaysia Just Introduced UberTaxi

We’ve just stumbled upon news that you can now hail taxis in Malaysia using the Uber app as a result of a partnership with Gabungan, an umbrella corporation that represents taxi operators in the country. This concept is definitely nothing new since this how Grab initially operated before adding on their premium car services, so what exactly is the difference?

Government Regulated Fare Schemes

In the agreement, Uber basically works as a middleman. Riders will be able to hail a cab via a separate category on the app and cab drivers will get pings on the map telling them that someone needs a ride. The fares are still based on what the Department of Transportation mandates and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of additional rates to be paid, unlike the added Php 50 booking fee on Grab. Cabbies will still be allowed to accept customers who flag them down as long as they don’t have the app active; better for them during peak hours.

Drivers Will Undergo Uber’s Vetting Process

The partnership between Uber Malaysia and Gabungan will bring 500 taxi drivers into the fold under one condition, they have to pass Uber’s driver-partner and vehicle requirements, such as: having a valid driver’s license¬†(sana naman, diba?), passing Uber’s background checks, having adequate insurance, and making sure that the vehicle being used is no more than 5 years old.

Will UberTaxi work in the Philippines?

While we’re happy that taxi operators in Malaysia and Uber have reached an accord, we really don’t think this will fly in our country. Yes, we do sound a little pessimistic but a lot more has to be done to make taxis better in the Philippines; one of the ways is by eliminating or revising the boundary scheme most taxi drivers operate under. Uber’s vetting process should also take care of the condition of the vehicles, but the way our cabbies drive nowadays will still irk riders and possibly make you car sick as well or ask for more money if its traffic, which it always is in Metro Manila.

As good as the idea may be to bring peace between taxi operators and Uber, most riders will still probably prefer to use UberX vehicles to ferry them along EDSA. ¬†Plus, we’re already been seeing a couple of reports that cabs using UberTaxi in Malaysia have been turning down clients because of their pick up points.

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  1. They should make a provition to start the meter after accepting the hailer that way turning down client will be lessen, and no booking fee or smaller, 50 is too high.

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