PH and Japan Seal Massive Php 97 Billion Commuter Rail Project


Will we finally get a world-class rail system?

This weekend we got to say Hong Kong’s famed subway system up close and personal, and wondered when our country would have a comparable railway line. Well, it seems the dream isn’t too far off – the Philippines and Japan has closed a deal that would see a 38-kilometer elevated commuter train line from Tutuban, Manila all the way to Malolos Bulacan, giving people working in the provinces a faster and easier commute to their workplaces here in Manila.

The landmark deal is through the financing that was acquired thoruh the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) last November.

The North South Commuter Railway project (NSCR) is aimed at reviving a once bustling rail system that linked La Union and Legazpi City back in the 1970s, which has been largely forgotten about now. Hopefully the work starts soon, as the worsening traffic in Manila is slowly eating away at the PH’s economic gains because of gridlock and lost time.


John Nieves

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  1. With the yen sky high to the detriment of their industries, we should wait til Japan’s economy collapses so we can get it for pennies lelz.

  2. Please hire a proofreader. I know this is a tech site and everyone makes mistakes, but this site has a grammar and/or spelling mistake on almost every article.

  3. world class rail system…. hm…. we need more train station… but we can make use of pasig river if the government will focus on rehabilitating the river, a mass transportation in the river and mass transportation over the river( rail ways above the pasig river).

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