Stop GrabBike Operations And Explain Yourselves, LTFRB Tells GrabTaxi


GrabBike gets suspended

In a move that should surprise no one, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB)┬áhas called on GrabCar Philippines operator MyTaxiPH to immediately cease operations of their GrabBike service. In a letter addressed to GrabCar Phil’s operations head Gines Barot, LTFRB regional director and officer-in-charge Glenn Zaragoza says that they are not authorized to use bikes and motorcycles as a mode of public transportation. GrabCar Philippines is only authorized to utilize TNVs for their service (which include cars and other similar vehicles).

“Be reminded that aside from safety issues, bikes and motorcycles are neither authorized by the Board nor by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) to be offered to the public as mode of public transportation,” the letter reads.

Mr. Zaragoza is asking GrabCar Philippines to cease using motorcycles and bikes for their service within 5 days, and are asking the company to explain the rationale behind using vehicles that are not yet authorized with the board.

John Nieves

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  1. The Government. Officially destroying innovation since, well, FOREVER.

    Cars are basically condos at this point, they’re not moving, and now they’re going after motorbike ride sharing. What’s next? Going after sharing photos and Tweets (censorship?)

  2. If its about safety, why not just require safety gear or have a certain kind of insurance for riders in case of accidents?

    I’ve taken multiple GrabBikes and, in my experience, the drivers are actually more safer than civilian ones. During my first ride, I even told the driver it was my first bike ride and he responded well.

    Seems like a waste~

  3. Let’s be fair with LTFRB. They are right this time. Alam naman natin na ma-one time-big time ka ma-aksidente sa motor e delikado na. It is within their mandate to protect the riding public by allowing only the “safest” (pun intended) vehicles on the road for commuters like us.

  4. With same logic na pinaglalaban ng karamihan, para niyo na rin sinabi na since kailangan natin ng maraming doktor, hindi na kailangan pa ng medical license para mabilis ang pagpuno sa kakulangan na eto.

    Noon pa man ay illegal hanggang ngayon ay walang franchise ang mga habal habal drivers ng motor.

    Imagine niyo ang worst case scenario na involved sa accident ang Grab Bike motorcycle na may pasahero (picture a very horrific accident). Tapos tsaka kayo aangal kung bakit hinayaan ng gobyerno na mag-operate yun nang walang prangkisa o authorization from government.

    Same na angal din ng karamihan kapag may nasunog na pabrika (at may namatay na mga trabahador) tapos hindi pala pasado sa fire and safety requirements ang pabrika. Kung pinasara siguro yun ang angal naman ng ilan ay tinanggalan ng trabaho ang mga manggagawa…

    Bottomline is LTFRB is just doing its job.

  5. pinoy nga naman mag isip… oh… nasa driver at tao na yan .. kung barubal magmaneho yan for sure aksidente ang aabutin… lalo na sa mga driver ng 4wheels, o lampas pa…kung maingat din sana sila magmaneho maganda ang kalalabasan malayo pa sa disgrasya….at isa pa… eto ang solusyon sa trapik sa mga pasahero…

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