The Honda Jazz and City Now Come in Sexy Black Editions


Not Just A Sexy Paint Job

Yesterday, popular Japanese car manufacturer — Honda — revealed the Black Edition variants for both the Honda City and Honda Jazz. While we can all agree that a fancy paint job can turn your typical sub-compact sedan or hatchback into a head-turner, it would be silly to make a fuss over a coat of paint; unless, it was completely ridiculous or ridiculously awesome. Yes, the Black Edition City and Jazz can now be available in a gorgeous Crystal Black Pearl color variant, but Honda will be throwing in a few accessories from Modulo or Mugen to compliment the paint job to sweeten the deal and make these cars sexy AF.

The Honda City 1.5 E CVT and City VX Navi CVT Black Edition with Modulo accessories will come with under spoilers on all sides plus an additional wing spoiler, front grille, black 16-inch Modulo alloys, and Modulo badges to let everyone know what gear your ride is rocking; those who prefer Mugen will also receive a similiar setup for the 1.5 Navi VX CVT varaint of the Honda City, but with a slightly higher price tag. Buyers looking to purchase the Black Edition Jazz, will be getting its 1.5 VX Navi CVT Modulo varaint equipped with basically the same accessories as its sibling with the exception of having a rear hatch spoiler and a shark’s ifn antenna.

Here are the prices for the Black Edition Honda City and Honda Jazz:

Honda City 1.5 E CVT Modulo Black EditionPhp 874,000
Honda City 1.5 Navi CVT Modulo Black EditionPhp 983,000
Honda City 1.5 Navi VX Navi CVT Mugen Black EditionPhp 1,043,000
Honda Jazz 1.5 VX Navi CVT Modulo Black EditionPhp 998,000

If you’re in the market for a new car and we’ve caught your attention with the Black Edition Honda City and Honda Jazz, you best get to a dealership quickly because this will be a very limited run with 100 units spread across all car models and variants accordingly: 60 units Honda City 1.5 E CVT Modulo and Navi CVT Black Edition, 10 units Honda City VX Navi CVT Mugen Black Edition, 30 units Honda Jazz 1.5 VX Navi CVT Modulo Black Edition.

Source: TopGear, James Deakin

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