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Traffic Enforcers in Manila Will Soon Be Equipped With Body Cameras

The Manila local government will be mandating its traffic enforcers to wear body cameras this year. No specific implementation date was mentioned in the statement as of yet.

Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) Chief Dennis Alcoreza noted that the body cameras will provide evidence on the interactions between traffic enforcers and traffic violators. Prevention of “under-the-table” transactions is the main goal of the program, according to the MTPB head.

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Alcoreza also added that the program will also serve as a layer of protection for the traffic enforcers against rude motorists. According to the bureau, the price of a body camera can range from Php 8,500 to Php 12,000.

Here’s hoping the MTPB also adds dash cams to the enforcers’ vehicles. Maybe the Philippine National Police can also follow suit and equip their own patrol cars with dash cams as well?

Your thoughts, readers? Think this is an effective use of the local government’s budget? Post below!

Source: Inquirer

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