Waze and Spotify Partner Up for an Enhanced Driving Experience

Waze and Spotify duet with cross-app integration.

Navigation app Waze and music app Spotify have joined forces to provide their users seamless integration of navigational and musical features to both the apps. With the partnership, Waze can now access Spotify playlists and features, and Spotify can provide navigational information via Waze.

As a result of the cross-app venture, Waze’s voice prompts will temporarily mute Spotify while the directions are being delivered. It’s a small, but much-needed quality-of-life change that will please users of both apps. Also, since both Waze and Spotify are on a single interface now, the user doesn’t need to switch between two apps to access the features.

Currently, the Waze and Spotify cross-app integration feature is only available for Android users. No word yet from the two companies on when iOS gets the partnership benefits.

Source: Inquirer

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