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This is arguably one of the nicest inventions so far for 2011. The YikeBike is a compact, electronic battery powered, beautifully designed, and expensive way to get around. This definitely isn’t for everyone since the idea is truly a novel one and the product features are more for people that travel around relatively short distances daily. You can’t use this to get from Greenhills to Fort Bonifacio and the killer streets of Edsa aren’t really made for devices like this one. If you leave in Fort Bonifacio though and your office is also in the area this would be an awesome way to move around.

The YikeBike has 20″ front and 8″ back tires. There’s a padded seat where you put all your weight on so it actually becomes uncomfortable to ride on it after some time. It has LED lights for night cycling, and it charges in 45 minutes. One full run is 10 KM. Oh here’s another cool feature — you can fold it and put it in a carrying case.

There are two models. The Fusion will set you back US$1,995 (roughly Php90,000). The Fusion is made from aluminum and composites. The Carbon, a sleeker model made from carbon fiber, costs a whopping US$3,795. If you want one you can order from the YikeBike website. They deliver worldwide. The site says they can have it on your doorstep in a week.

To get a better idea of what the YikeBike is all about, watch this promotional video.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Tron Legacy!!!! hahahaha! Seriously it totally reminded me of that. Now if it can only run with that speed (and leave a deadly trail of blue…or yellow streak! 😉 )

  2. pede ba isetup to? mags,lights,spoiler and nitro for added boost?? hehehe i still prefer segway..mas cool and comfy tignan kesa sa yike..big guy pa naman ako kaya bka nde kasya buttcheeks ko sa chair!! ^^

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