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Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X Review: Is this the Full HD Phone We’ve Been Waiting For?

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X a

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X Full Review

If there was some sort of hierarchy based on price, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X should be considered Cherry Mobile’s newest flagship device at Php12,399. Fortunately the Omega HD 2X not only has the price of a flagship, but it also has the lineage and the specifications of one. The first generation Cherry Mobile Omega was one of the first local branded HD phones to hit the market at a reasonable price. This was followed up by the highly successful Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0. Today we have the latest generation, the Omega HD 2X and it’s back up with pretty monstrous specifications.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X Spec Sheet

  • 1.5GHz Turbo MediaTek Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 5.7-inch Full HD IPS OGS Display
  • Asahi Dragon Trail Scratch Resistant Glass
  • 18.0-megapixel primary camera
  • 8.0-megapixel secondary camera
  • HSPA+, 3G, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS/aGPS, FM Radio
  • Dual SIM, Dual Standby
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2
  • 2,500mAh Battery
  • SRP: Php12,399

We’ve had a demo unit courtesy of Cherry Mobile for the last two weeks now. If you haven’t read our unboxing and initial hands-on impressions post, click here. For today we’d like to share with you guys our full review of this new powerhouse from Cherry Mobile!

A Refined, Smooth, and Slick… Phablet

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X

Measuring 5.7-inches, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X is a phablet through and through. As with any other phablet it’s a polarizing product. Not everyone appreciates big phones and the Omega HD 2X is no exception to this rule. At 5.7-inches it’s clearly in the phablet space. Fortunately the manufacturers were able to cushion the “effects” of a phablet by keeping it as thin as possible. Thanks to a really thin bezel and a slim form factor, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X feels and looks much thinner and lighter than what it actually is.

The ports, buttons, and controls were situated in their usual places along the sides. The removable back plate has a rubbery matte finish, similar to the material used for the budget-friendly smartphone, the Cherry Mobile Flare S. While it looks cool, we hate how it accumulates smudges and finger prints like crazy.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X f

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X is the 5.7-inch Full HD IPS OGS display. Once we turned the device on we were amazed at the over-all quality of the display! Colors were bright, vibrant, and sharp. The icons seemed like they were just floating and hovering thanks to the OGS technology. Viewing angles were also superb thanks to IPS. In short, it’s one of the nicest looking 5.7-inch displays we’ve seen on a local branded smartphone.

The quality of the display makes the Omega HD 2X a superb mobile media player! It’s awesome for watching HD videos either from YouTube or stuff that you’ve downloaded and stored in the device.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X d

Over-all the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X has a great build for a phablet. Despite the big screen they’ve managed to make it more useable by keeping it as slim as possible and making the edges curved. However some people may find the back plate a little too plain for a flagship especially when other local brands have started to ship products with aluminum/metal backs and sides.

Jam-packed with Power… But is it Enough for Full HD?

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X h

The Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X is powered by the 1.5GHz turbo quad-core chipset of MediaTek coupled with 2GB of RAM. We’ve seen previous devices with the same processor but with just 1GB RAM and these handsets were sluggish because they couldn’t fully support Full HD resolution. The big question today is if the additional 1GB RAM will be able to solve that problem. After testing for weeks we’ve come to the conclusion that it fixes it up to 80%. There is still noticeable lag but only when you’re doing RAM hungry tasks like multi-tasking and super demanding graphics apps like Dead Trigger 2. In short, there’s a big improvement versus Full HD devices with just 1GB RAM but it’s not completely resolved.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X e

When it comes to gaming, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X can handle most of the games in the Google Play store, after all it did score well over 15,000 on the Antutu Benchmark Test. Unfortunately not all games play out super smoothly. Best example would be Dead Trigger 2. It sometimes get stuck in between loading stages. We had to wait 10 minutes just to switch from stage to stage. For more casual titles though like Candy Crush and Plants vs Zombies 2, you won’t have any major problems whatsoever.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X c

Performance-wise, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X gave us the best Full HD mobile experience. However it is still far from perfect as evidenced with the issues we pointed out earlier. Sad to say this but MediaTek just isn’t ready yet for Full HD with their quad-core chipsets. Maybe when they get do a mass roll-out of their octa-core chipsets we’ll finally be able to nail that buttery smooth user experience that we’ve bben looking for.


We’re happy to report that the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X has one of the most capable optics in Cherry Mobile’s line-up of smartphones! While there is some washout with some of the photos, it is still manageable. The camera takes detail quite well though there is a tendency for the photos to get blurred quickly if you have shaky hands (more than the usual).

Anyway, check out the sample shots below:






Just a little more and I think they would have nailed the perfect color balance.

Battery Life: Wow

What caught us by surprise though was the battery life. Initially we thought the 2,500mAh wouldn’t be enough given the Full HD display. However we consistently got well over 8 hours of use daily despite having 3G and Sync turned on. This was with mid-heavy usage including watching one movie spread throughout the day.

Verdict: Just a Little More!

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X g

The Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X is probably the best local branded Full HD smartphone right now because it gives a respectable Android experience despite the Full HD display. However it also makes the case for octa-core powered local branded smartphones. It looks like the MediaTek turbo quad-core chipset isn’t enough to give a flawless Full HD experience. Hopefully the octa-core chipsets will herald the true Full HD era for local brands.

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  1. what can you say about the speakers sir carlo? other blog says it has “weak speakers with poor placement”, and “below average camera performance

    • I think our reviews are very different. All I can say is that we thoroughly used and abused the Omega HD 2X before writing this review. We literally used it as our primary smartphone for over a week and just recorded our observations.

  2. LTE na lang kulang. almost perfect na para sa isang local brand phone ito.

  3. sir, i’m dying to know when will this phablet gonna hit the market. as of today, has this been in the stores already?

  4. I hope may review na po kayo sa OMEGA XL. Thanks

  5. still not convinced with this one. wala na talaga yata ako dapat iexpect sa mga local brands phone na to. ung camera, ang taas ng res. pero mukang d accurate ung mga posted shoots, ung cpu, quadcore coupled with mssive RAM, lag pa din sa heavy games like dead triger 2. samantalang ung xsp ko smooth and dead trigger. mukang sony xzr or sony xz na lang papalit ko sa xsp ko.

  6. I don’t want to speak ill of other blogs, but some phone “reviewers” simply use their “test units” for 1-2 days before they write a review. Minsan, less than a day lang sila magbibigay ng judgment. If what Sir Carlo says about them using the phones for 1 week is true, then I guess the reviews are pretty accurate.

    • Hi Jazz! As a rule here for Unbox we use it as our daily driver for at least 1 week before writing the review. That’s why we phase our articles starting from Unboxing (once we get it) and then the Full Review (usually a week or two after). It’s easy to transfer all your stuff to different phones since it’s backed up on the cloud anyways. The only hassle is if we’re testing two entry-level phones. Medyo nakaka-miss yung mga high-end, hahaha! There was a time we were testing the Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0 and the Torque Droidz. Couldn’t wait to finish the week so I could go back to my Lumia 1020, hehe.

  7. Sir… question about sa headset is it too loud hq sound or just like flare namimili at mahina?..

  8. Sir, is the omega hd 2x already available in the market?

  9. You’ll only get what you’ve paid for. So the quality is different from the top companies. Since hindi sila gumamit ng the same materials, katulad na lang ng mga CPUs, GPUs and even RAMs, hindi ka talaga makakakuha ng the same performance. But the thing is you get a decent phone at a lower price. Para sa mga mahigpit sa budget, local brands offer these gadgets.

  10. The thing is until now it is not yet out in the market. They are telling us before that it will be out in the market by December together with the XL. It is already February. I think they have discovered a technical problem on the unit that they are fixing on until now. If they keep on deferring the sales launch it is most likely that the unit will be outshined with the launching of the octacores. Right now, Starmobile has already launch its first octacore unit.

  11. Available na ba sya sa market? I’m planning to buy Note 2 this Monday but I’m having second thought. First, OHD 2X can give me 5’7 inch screen in Full HD not to mention it has 18mp camera. Not bad at all. Second, is the price. Indeed reasonable. Thus, I’m hoping available na sya. Hope to hear from you. TY.

    • I’ve been waiting the OHD 2X since December. You know what, I’ve been in the store yesterday; that unit is not yet out in the market. I already bought a different unit from CM yesterday and I think what I bought is better that the OHD 2X in almost all aspects. I bought the Cosmos Z2. It is just out in the market this week. It is octacore at 1.7 GHz. The camera is amazing with BSI sensor. The battery is 2000 mAH. The screen is 5 inches dragontrail. The OS is Jelly Bean 4.2 but it is upgradable to 4.4. If you are not very particular about that 5’7” screen I think you will enjoy this one. The price is almost 13K.

      • I agree with you that up until now (this late march) CM is not dropping those phones on the market (well, for the market I’ve frequent to, anyway)! With all these reviews over the internet, it would really make you drool for the phone. But all these praises and adoration are simply wasted if those weren’t meant to sell. Perhaps CM is “hiding” this flagship phablet now that technology offers higher specs (like octa-core, jellybean 4.4, you know what I mean) which makes it “not a flagship anymore”. If only their timing was right, this could have been a seller. But sell it now or later? It can no longer compete with other phones. I admit I’d waited for this phone since December and I’d been loyal to not buy other phones til now. Just this phone. But consumer’s patience and loyalty is as dispensable as water if the glass is too small to quench the thirst. So tomorrow, I’m officially open for other phones. Any suggestions?

        • Funny how the title of this review matched with my contention:
          “Cherry Mobile HD 2X Review: Is this the full HD phone we’ve been WAITING for?”

          Yup… They got right… Waiting and waiting and still waiting…

  12. Mayroon stock dito as cebu, pero nakabili na ako ng odyssey… Sayang :/
    Tagal kasi lumabaa ng unit

  13. Please email me on when will be the Omega HD 2x available in the market. I’ve been waiting for this since January. I bought my Omega XL last January, I am satisfied overall except on the sounds feedback and headset. Unfortunately, it was stolen 3 days ago:(. Thanks

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