Cherry Mobile’s Ultra Rugged U3 Phone is Waterproof, Has PTT


The Cherry Mobile U3 can take whatever you can throw at it

Find yourself breaking phones left and right because of your reckless adventurous  lifestyle? Well, worry not – Cherry Mobile U3 phone is designed to take a licking and keep on ticking. The U3 is Cherry’s ultra rugged phone, and is IP67 compliant. For those who don’t speak geek, the U3 is is completely dustproof and is waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The U3′s hardshell housing allows it to take bumps and drops without any ill effects, and it can even function as a PTT (push-to-talk) handset, which basically makes it run like a two way radio. Of course, it’s still a Cherry Mobile phone, so it still has double SIM, double standby capability. Cherry Mobile has not announced an official price as of yet, but some people have said that it retails for Php4,999 in stores. We’ll update this post once we get the official SRP.




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16 comments on “Cherry Mobile’s Ultra Rugged U3 Phone is Waterproof, Has PTT

  1. Zerv

    My beast mode phone

  2. IP67 Means is IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ / 6 means: Totally protected against dust / 7 means: Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m for a limited time only (generally fresh water)

    It’s not Waterproof as oppose to what is mentioned above, only dust proof, be careful in understanding these things.

    A much correct phrase would be “water resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes”


    • I didn’t say it was completely waterproof in the article. In the title yes, but it was clarified later in the article.

      • The term “waterproof” isn’t the right word for it Sir, just use “Water resistant” so that your review becomes as accurate as possible. When you say that it’s Waterproof then put a time limit like “30mins” it creates confusion. More like “Gusto ko sa Stake “Medium rare” pero yung “lutong luto”

        • Thanks for your input, but I think I made the waterproof part clear enough in the article that it didn’t create confusion. I think that’s nitpicking at that point, wouldn’t you agree?

          • Ok Sir, if you say so… Call it nitpicking but writers/reviewers must be always responsible for the things they write. Always be open for criticisms and stand corrected if it calls for it. Again, it’s your article so us readers must just shut up and swallow it. Fair enough.

          • Thank you Sir for your response, I appreciate it.

        • Resistant is the right word as what @ironmicpinas said. Kahit tingnan niyo ang definition ng proof at resistant magkaibang magkaiba.

          next time siguro wag nang gamitin ang proof kung ang kaya lang naman niya is resistance.

      • Bords

        Should have used water resistant. Para straight forward na agad. Medyo deceptive kasi waterproof. Ayusin mo naman ang sulat mo, parang gradeschool e.

  3. Dong

    saw 1 in display at a Cherry Mobile kiosk, its totally submerged inside a aquarium tank

  4. may be the author cannot changed it to “resistant” because cherry mobile said so. if you know what i mean.

  5. jay

    ang U1 nasubukan kong itapon sa 10ft na swimming pool for 30 mins and it works! gumagana parin..

    • johnlove

      Next time you might not be as lucky.

      • RigorMortiz

        yeah, it might grow arms and throw YOU into the water.

  6. johnlove

    Nextel & IMX are not anymore offering ‘direct connect’ services, so what is PTT good for?

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