Thursday , 25 August 2016
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Probably the most coveted iAccessory this Holiday Season

Apple fans will go crazy over the PlugBug

TwelveSouth is probably one of the best companies that churns out third-party accessories for Apple products like the BookBook case. Now they have a new item called the PlugBug which will make the lives of people who own MacBooks AND iPhones, iPods, or iPads much easier. It’s basically an add-on that you can attach to your MacBook MagSafe charger and it gives you a USB port where you can charge your iOS device. It’s simple, effective, and it looks great. All the attributes of a fantastic Apple accessory.

Here’s the promotional video with Guy Kawasaki explaining how PlugBug works:

How much? $34.99 (Php1,500 without shipping or taxes). I don’t know about you but I’m probably going to be one of the first people who will get this if ever it becomes available in the Philippines. 🙂

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