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Recoil Winder Review

Recoil Winder set (Php1,800)

Recoil Winder Review

Remember the Recoil Winders that we featured a few days ago? We were finally able to get a set and gave it a try for ourselves. The Recoil Winder solves the most important problem of storage and organizing cables: the boring and repetitive chore of winding them up. Using the Recoil Winder is actually fun which gives you that extra kick to keep using it.

How it works

In each set there are three Recoil Winders (different sizes). To use one just get them out of the tray, fold a cable in half, and then put the loop of the cable to the hook inside of the Recoil Winder and pull. The Recoil Winder will the automatically pull the cable in and loop it around in less than a second. Here’s a quick video of the Recoil Winder in action:

The Recoil Winder is made of 100% awesomeness and the only thing that won’t make it sell like hotcakes is the price. The full set with the tray will cost Php1,800 (available already in iStudio) but I did hear from the distributor that they will start selling piece meal soon. Estimated price for the smallest Recoil Winder is around Php500 which isn’t that bad.

If you can afford it, get it. Promise, it’s fun. 😛

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