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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Official SRP for the Philippines: Php36,990

Whoa. Pricey.

Whoa. Pricey.

Well that almost made me fall out of my seat. Hehe.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will sell for Php36,990 which puts it on the same level of pricing as the iPhone 5 when it launched last year. It will be very interesting to see how the market will respond. Hopefully telcos will be able to bring the price down with their postpaid plans so that more people can actually afford it.

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  1. really pricey….

  2. depends on what are under the hood. The past price behaviour says , after 3 to 6 months it will go down to the 25k level. after 1 year 17k . . . . I hope.

  3. I don’t get why people think the price is too much. There are a lot of things that have been updated in the Note 3.

    Am I wrong on these?

    – more RAM (3GB)
    – more space (32 GB / 64 GB), no 16-GB variant
    – penta-band / LTE radio, (Note 2 has an LTE-variant but not marketed in PH)
    – 1080p (FHD) 5.7″ Super AMOLED , Note 2 has 720p screen
    – Higher resolution cameras (back: 13mpx versus 8 mpx on Note 2; front: 2mpx versus 1.9 mpx on Note 2)
    – Lighter and Slimmer than Note 2
    – S-Pen now works on menu/back soft keys (unlike Note 2)
    – Better GPU (Adreno 330 versus Mali 400 on the Note 2)
    – Infrared port
    – temperature and humidity sensors (like S4, but not in Note 2)

  4. For everything that it offers, I think that’s actually a pretty reasonable price. I got my Note 1 first quarter of 2012 for 32k, and now for just a couple thousand more you can get the third Note with a loooot of upgrades. But it’s also true that the price will probably drop in a few months, so I’d say wait a little before gettng one.

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