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Tonino Lamborghini issues statement against Globe

Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini

In a stunning turn of events Tonino Lamborghini released an official press statement saying that the 4G Tonino Lamborghini Stick by Globe is a fake. The statement is signed by their CEO, Gian Luca Filippi, and it goes on to say that they haven’t authorized anybody to make such a product and is such considered copyright infringement. Here’s a screenshot of the press release which was uploaded online in PDF format:

Tonino Lamborghini's Official Statement against Globe

Document Source

Globe’s Side
We were able to get a quick comment from Globe’s Corporate PR. They’re still preparing their official response but they said that there is an existing contract and that the Lamborghini representatives were present during the actual launch of the product.

We’ll try to get the complete response of Globe and post it here when it’s readily available. In the meantime click here to read all the previous articles we’ve written about the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini including the product review and comparisons.

PS: Hat tip to Tonyo Cruz and Paolo Montecillo for the link to the PR on Twitter.


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