Tuesday , 3 May 2016
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The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

Scene from The Avengers Super Bowl trailer

Latest Trailer for The Avengers

The Avengers is probably the most anticipated superhero flick in history. Each major character had their own individual movie and they all also functioned as 2-hour trailers for the Avengers since almost all of them had related after-credit scenes. Some movies actually felt like they were just made to hype The Avengers (Iron Man 2 and Captain America).

To drum up more noise and buzz Marvel released a new extended trailer during the Super Bowl. This shows more of the plot and we even see all the heroes together in one scene. Awesome. Epic. Anyway here’s the trailer:

Like or dislike? I’m definitely loving it. Can’t wait for this movie to hit the theaters!

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  1. what the?! why u looking for Green Lantern?

    That’s a DC character not a Marvel. yeah! boooyaaahh!

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