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Facebook Shows Off Future Of VR Using Oculus Rift

Here's the crazy virtual reality demo I did live on stage at Oculus Connect today. The idea is that virtual reality puts people first. It's all about who you're with. Once you're in there, you can do anything you want together — travel to Mars, play games, fight with swords, watch movies or teleport home to see your family. You have an environment where you can experience anything.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, October 6, 2016

Think VR headsets are just for gaming? Think again – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off the future of VR headsets, and it’ ain’t just about gaming. Zuckerberg demoed live VR chat using the Oculus Rift, and oh man was it awesome.

The demo involed the Oculus headset as well as the Oculus Touch controllers which allowed Zuck to interact with virtual objects, play with the two other people on the stage as well as seamlessly travel to familiar destinations thousands of kilometers away.

The demo also showed us how social VR could become the next big thing in telecommuting. Imagine being able to show off 3D renders of projects to clients in real time, showing progress of worksites via 360 cameras and generally being more productive at home rather than getting stuck in hellish 3 hour long traffic for a short 30 minute-long meeting in Makati.

You can check out the full demo above.

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