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What happens when a MMA sore loser punches the referee?

What happens when a sore loser in an MMA fight punches the referee? The referee beats him down senseless and the founder of URCC (Mr. Alvin Aguilar) steps in and locks him in a vicious chokehold.

How to be an Awesome Dude Lesson #1: Learn to accept defeat gracefully or else you’ll get choked to death.

Watch the full video at the URCC website.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Razi Jabbari, the dude who is asleep in Alvin Aguilar’s RNC, has been banned from the URCC. Some comments say that he lost thrice that night: First to his opponent, second to Referee Joey Lepiten, and third to Alvin Aguilar. Lol.

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