3 Really Nice Cases for the LG G2

LG G2 Cases

Spigen Slim Armor for the LG G2

The LG G2 is arguably one of the, if not the, best flagship Android phones that’s in the market today. It features monstrous specifications, great optics, and an innovative breakthrough design with the Rear Key. It also has, what we consider, the best display for an Android handset below 5.5-inches. Add to that the killer price (Kimstore sells it below Php23,000) and you have a very compelling offering.

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Despite the awesomeness which is the LG G2, there are only a few third-party cases that you can buy in local stores. We tried going around and after a month of searching we ended up having only 3 cases — the Spigen Slim Armor Case, the Capdase Silicon Case, and the LG Quick Window Flip Cover. We’ll go through all three in this quick feature.

First up we have the LG Quick Window Flip Cover. The case is mostly made from plastic and it has a vertical rectangular cut-out at the front. When you close it the LG G2 automatically displays a clock on the cutout space. Pretty cool and useful especially since you don’t really need to keep opening the flip cover anymore to check time or if you have messages.

LG G2 Flip Cover Quick Window

The Quick Window Flip Cover is currently only bundled with the LG G2 here in the Philippines. We actually tried looking for a store that sold ’em and we never found any.

Next up we have the Spigen Slim Armor. This is possibly the most kick ass case that’s out right now. It’s a snap-on back cover that’s composed of a silicone cover and a hard polycarbonate exoskeleton. It reminds us a lot of the Otterbox Commuter series! It’s currently available at selected branches of Applewerkz for around Php1,300+. It comes in white, gun metal, and red. Photo at the very top is the gun metal variant while the one below is the white one.

Hey there good-looking!

Lastly we have the silicone case from Capdase. It’s a rubbery, fit, and durable case which preserves the form factor of the LG G2. Various stores in malls sell it already for around 900 and it currently comes in either black or transparent.

And there you have it! Three nice cases for the LG G2. As soon as we find others we’ll post again.

Capdase, Spigen Slim Armors, and the Quick Window Cover

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