3 Reasons Why it’s Better to Wait for the Official Asus Zenfone 2 Launch

Last week we posted a question here on the site asking you guys if you would pay a premium to be able to get the ASUS Zenfone 2 ahead of everyone else. The overwhelming majority of answers said “NO”. We did a quick tabulation of the comments posted on the site as well as on our Facebook Page. Most of the comments fell under three major reasons why it’s better to wait for the official release. Check ’em out below.

1. Warranty keeps you covered and safe

ASUS-ZenFone-2-CES-2015-1 One solid reason that was mentioned by a lot of our readers is that the gray market units don’t have an official local service warranty. This means that if you get a unit that has a latent factory defect that only manifests itself a few weeks after the purchase, you’re forced to pay full prices for repairs. Having an official warranty keeps you safe and secure. The peace of mind that you get is well worth the wait. The last thing you want to do is to fork out hard-earned cash for a lemon.

2. Price is going to be lower

The units being sold on online sites are priced well over the suggested SRP as announced in CES. Unless you’re a technology journalist, blogger, or a diehard super hardcore ASUS fan, there’s really just no point in paying higher to get it first.

There’s also a chance that ASUS Philippines might even price it lower than the actual international SRP. In our exclusive interview with ASUS, they told us that the Zenfone 5 had the lowest price in the world here in the Philippines. Hopefully they’ll continue that strategy with the Zenfone 2, hehe.

3. Quality of Service

Lastly, you’re never too sure of the service that you’ll get when you buy from unproven and untested online sites. We’ve heard of numerous nightmare stories from a lot of our readers about the service levels given by a lot of online sellers (especially the ones who sell on classified ad sites). Combine the inconsistent service levels with the lack of an official warranty and you have a very high level of risk with your purchase. If you will buy online, make sure you buy from online shops that have made a great reputation for themselves already (there are several naman). Just be sure to ask what kind of warranty they’re offering.

And there you have it! Those were the most cited reasons by our readers on why they would rather wait for the official launch. That’s also our recommendation for you guys. Unless there’s a super important pressing need for it, wait for the local launch so you get more value for your hard-earned moolah.

Colin Chan

Colin is Unbox's resident Nokia Lumia fanboy. He's inept in any other OS but he's trying his best to go easy on him. What he lacks in technical know-how he makes up with a wealth of cultural knowledge--hence he writes (or should be writing) Movie Reviews and other things like men's fashion and whatnot.

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  1. TWO big reasons to try your luck at unofficial sellers.

    1. ABYSMAL official availability. The original Zenfone 5 was in such a ridiculous demand, ASUS was caught off guard so badly, it took FOUR MONTHS for Zenfone 5 supplies to normalise. ASUS should really be anticipating this, and ensure all retail channels to have adequate stock this time around.

    2. THREE Zenfone 2 models, and it’s still up in the air which Zenfone 2 will be available for PHL at launch, a few months from launch, or, ever.

    – ZE551ML, 5.5in 1080p, 32+4GB, 2.3GHZX4
    – ZE550ML, 5.5in 720P, 16+2GB, 1.8GHZX4
    I won’t be surpised if very early adopters complain about buying FOR the 4GB RAM model, when actually they received the 2GB RAM model. It happened to Zenfone 5 early adopters (With the 8GB and 16GB models.)

    – ZE500CL, 5.0in 720P, 8+2GB, 1.6GHZX2
    This one should be fine, it sort of is the spiritual successor to Zenfone 4 more than the 5/6. And it’s smaller.

    And ONE big reason to hold off buying this phone for now.

    1. Will this processor overheat as badly as the Snapdragon 810? We need to know. Badly. Zenfone 5’s overheated quite badly doing menial tasks, alright. Will this new Intel chip be any different?

    1. Just my 2 cents:
      I think I may have other reasons to try your luck at unofficial sellers:

      1. You’ll eventually root it anyway, since it voids the warranty. Android tinkerers need no warranties.
      2. You’ll save some precious time on getting that precious Zenfone 2 ahead of time — if you don’t have the patience on waiting for May.
      3. An expansion of the first big reason: It prevents the sold-out Zenfone products dilemma that would make people angry since the Mi 3.

      1. LOL…

        you only need one reason NOT to get it. NO WARRANTY! with electronic devices that is the end all be all. only an idiot would fork out cash for something new with no warranty.

  2. ill buy the 4gb ram version if they released the 2gb ram i think ill just pass and just buy the meizu m1note

    1. i’ll just wait for the “INTERNATIONALLY BRANDED” Asus Zenfone 2 ZE550ML rather than buy a “CHINESE BRANDED” Meizu 🙂 Quality tested, Peformance tested, Always an ASUS pioneer.

      1. If the variant sold for 10k is just the 2gb then I’d pass. Been using the M1 note and no problem whatsover. So I dont see any problems if I buy Meizu over Asus. (btw I own both the ZF5 and M1 Note) I just hope Asus would fix the heat issue when playing graphic intensive games. The ZF5 heat ups so much. The M1 note heats up also but more tolerable than the ZF5. And the battery of M1 note last so much longer than the ZF5. If they could solve the problems that plagued the ZF5 and with a good price then probably I would consider buying the ZF2.

  3. Just my 2 cents:
    There’s no such thing as the most patient person of the whole world.
    As for the supposed “overpriced” grey market ones, at least they are still cheaper than the Galaxy S6 or the HTC One M9. Wouldn’t we just look at the bright side of things?

  4. I’m curious about the nightmare stories from online sellers. Can anyone share, or knows where to read it?

    1. People tend to leave bad reviews when unsatisfied. Stick with big stores like Lazada. Its growth is a testament for their QoS. Also people happy with their products are lesslikEly to comment since there are no complaints

  5. Just my 2 cents:
    *sigh* You have to understand one important note: Warranties only cover manufacture defects, either from shipping or manufacturing. It does not cover personal damages the comsumer has done, like accidently breaking the screen, et cetera. Of corse there’s HTC’s Uh Oh, a very useful way to deal with broken screens, but not all phone companies are doing like that…

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