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A Closer Look At Starmobile’s Knight Luxe

Starmobile Knight Luxe

Wondering what makes the Knight Luxe tick?

We attended a small gathering earlier today where Starmobile officially unveiled their latest handset, the Knight Luxe. The Knight Luxe is possibly one of their nicest looking phones to date, though it’s not as spec heavy as their current flagship, the Knight X. There is a method to the madness though – Elijah Mendoza, product marketing manager took us through what the Knight Luxe is and isn’t, and gave us a short tour of the device below:

Elijah also told us that they’re aware of the current crop of bang for the buck devices from international brands and are readying their own contender for release soon. We’re hoping that Starmobile follows through with their promise, after all, local brands are supposed to give us cheaper alternatives to international phones, right?

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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    1. Geez, What’s so nice about this? at nangarap ka pa sa software updates? haha Anyway you look at it luging-lugi ka dito brad

        1. Eh kung ganun pala ang dame na mas maganda na local at kalahati pa sa presyo sa walang kwentang ito

  1. @ Elijah Mendoza,

    Sir…..Mag submit na ng resume sa ibang company habang may trabaho ka pa LOL kase ang business model ng company na pinapasukan mo ay maaaring mag collapse ano mang buwan ngayong 2015

    It’s a jungle out there

  2. Ayun, nagising si Starmobile sa bang for buck phones from international brands. I hope there are starmobile phones which have LTE, at least 2gb ram and 16gb and quad core processor na at least 30k antutu score at price tag na less than 6k pesos otherwise starmobile and myphone are eaten alive by Asus, Lenovo, Huawei, Meizu and Alcatel

  3. not bad, better if its a little cheaper around 6tplus 🙂 I like to try an amoled phone maybe i’ll get one

  4. Eto pla yung culprit kung bkit karamihan ng units ng starmobile eh palpak.
    If u guys want software updates, better not choose starmobile. Notorious yn sa pag rrelease ng phone pero walang ota updates.

  5. another phone. another soon to be left out
    it will eventually turn down and become the luxurious paper weight ever !

  6. Gising Gising na. Baka matabunan na kayo ng ibang brands. Tama si Sir John, dapat mas mababa pa kayo sa international brands kung hindi mas lalo kayong malulugi.

  7. Nung lumabas yung Xiaomi sabi local brand killer daw. Meizu, local brand killer… Asan na?

  8. 2000 mAh for a 5″ octa core? really? and this is suppose to compete with the big boys?
    this is comedy, right?

  9. GREAT phone,
    I don’t understand bakit Negga ang ibang tao d2,

    for me its the perfect phone on its price range.

    Great Screen with Amoled that saves tremendous battery life,
    (Wala nang masmalakas kumain ng battery ng phone kundi ung mismong DIsplay, so to make the Display amoled really saves the one that takes the most out of the battery, i find this a very very smart move)
    2gb ram
    16gb internal
    expandable sd card
    with OTG
    Samsung Camera
    Great Design.
    5inch (The perfect size of a phone for me)

    The Battery is debatable, they say it can last 15hours talk time, will just have to wait until an official full review of a battery test to verify this.

    And the best of All that i love about this phone, is that (it has a REMOVABLE battery)!!

    Yes! you heard me, REMOVABLE battery is very important to me.

    I dont work hard to earn and use my hard earn money just to buy a phone with a (non-removable battery)

    1 – 2yrs from now, ALL batteries will no longer be able to hold its usualy charge, meaning after those year(s), 80% na lng maximum full charge ng battery mo, and worst, maybe lower.

    for me a phone with a non-removable battery is as good as a DISPOSABLE PHONE!
    its like buying a phone with an expiration date.

    And if u argue that pwd naman xa iparepair.
    Ilang days ang repair?
    sang lupalop ng mundo pa maglalakbay ang phone mo pra lng iparepair ang battery?
    at kung maibabalik man sayu ang phone mo, 50/50 lng ang guarantee na marerepair ang battery.

    Kaya nga bumile ng phone pra gamiting (araw-araw)
    I dont have the luxury (time & money) to have a phone that i “NEED” to be away from me.

    ALCATEL Flash? (non-removable battery) = Disposable Phone
    Zenfone 5 & 2? (non-removable battery) = Disposable Phone
    Samsung 6 Edge (non-removable battery) = Disposable Phone
    and so are other international local brand phones are now making
    (non-removable battery) = “Disposable Phones” now a days.

    and to see Starmobile make a phone with this quality, design, and thinness but still able to put an average 2000mah “removable Battery” is an accomplishment.

    * though i preferred all the buttons to be offscreen.
    But other than that, this phone is perfect for me.

    5inch – check
    SD Card – check
    Otg – check
    Quadquare is my average and to have an octa – excellent
    Removable Battery – check

    1. tsk tsk, living in 2005 si kuya. Sige mag lithium ion battery ka para palit ka ng palit = more gastos.

      Hindi disposable and non-removable battery, ang point lang naman nun ay para maging lithium polymer para 3x MORE CHARGE than lithium ion. Kahit sabihin mo na need ang service center magpalit ng battery, hindi naman ako mabilis pumalya sa battery.

      Sige ikaw na naka removable battery para palitan every year, ako stay parin ako sa non-removable para may fast charging at wireless charging ako.

      1. I agree mostly with your post, except the battery thing. Sure ka ba na for 2 years gagamitin mo sya? Sa dame at bilis ng paglabas ng bagong phones ngayon, mabilis ang turnover, average users 1 year lang then upgrade or palit na. And sabihin na nating loyal ka, after 2 years sa tingin mo may mabibili ka pang battery nito para palitan?Haha! Pwede din naman mamakyaw ka na ng battery nito para magamit mo after 2 years. 😉

  10. Price nyo Starmobile ibaba nyo man lng sa mga branded bang for the buck phones out there, specs ilaban nyo ng konti para mkabenta, kundi nyako.

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