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ACER Nitro 5 Thanos Edition Review: Mad Titan Approved?

Verdict: It’s a great way to commemorate Avengers: Infinity War, but get the Core i7 model if you’re serious about gaming

As far as special edition notebooks go, the ACER Nitro 5 Thanos Edition isn’t bad. It has enough power under the hood to play most AAA titles out right now, though you’ll have to compromise a bit and dial the graphical settings down to get decent frames out of it.

At Php 69,999 you’re paying quite a bit of coin to get special edition swag, considering that the same chassis with better specs is available for 10K less. If you’re a serious PC gamer on a tight budget, it’ll be wiser to pick up that model instead of this, but if you’re looking for a way to commemorate the culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of awesome MCU movies, then the Nitro 5 Thanos Edition is your best bet.

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