ADzero the Bamboo Smartphone

ADzero the Bamboo Smartphone!

ADzero the Bamboo Smartphone coming soon!

One of our readers, Ton, posted a link on our Panda Sunglasses unboxing article to the site of ADzero. I initially thought it was just spam and was on the verge of deleting it but I decided to check it out first. It turns out there’s a smartphone that’s being built with a body made from the same material the Panda Sunglasses are made of! Bamboo! Whuuuuut!? Crazy right! But man does the phone look ridiculously awesome.

Bamboo everywhere! Even at the back!
According to the website, ADzero will be launched initially in the UK sometime between Q4 2012-Q1 2013. The manufacturers are still thinking of expanding it to other markets but that will depend mainly on demand.

There are no details yet on what’s under the hood (technical specifications) but it will be running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich blended with their custom user interface called ADAos. The manufacturers also hinted that the ADzero will be a high-end handset which means it will be priced pretty high (maybe in the Php30,000 level which is the usual flagship price tag).

Here are a few more product photos we got from their website for your enjoyment:

Looks gorgeous! We just have to keep it away from Pandas. Lol.
Wonder if ADzero will be water-resistant?
Gorgeous from any angle!

No word yet on the pricing or if this will ever reach Asia, much less the Philippines. If ever I get the opportunity to buy one in my trips I’d probably get one though. The idea of a bamboo smartphone is just too novel and cool to pass up!

Carlo Ople

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  1. Thank you for posting this article! Sure hope it gets to our shores!

    Only comment/critique I can say for now is that it resembles the look of a Nokia Lumia. But I must say the bamboo body just looks spectacular!

  2. It’s an interesting phone, to say the least. I just hope it stands up to the expected wear & tear like minor falls. Would also like to know how the wood reacts to the heat from the battery (either when charging or in voice/data use).

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