Affordable Sound: Xiaomi’s 3rd Generation Piston Earphones Now In Kimstore

Mi Earphones

Need awesome earphones that won’t break the bank?

We’re one of the many legions of fans of Xiaomi’s Mi Piston earphones because it’s one of the best bang-for-the-buck earphones that are in the market today. Even our EIC, Carlo Ople, was impressed by it when he used it, and he’s not an easy man to impress, considering he’s a discerning audiophile.

Mi Earphones 1

Xiaomi’s not one to rest on its laurels obviously¬†and have released their third generation Mi In-Ear earphones (pistons) to the market. Just like last year’s model, the 2015 version of Xiaomi’s In-ear earphones have been specifically crafted to fit the ears of countless users – that’s why every package includes 3 silicone earbuds so you can decide whic one is for you. Xiaomi also used strong, break-resistant kevlar fibers in the headphone’s cable – the weakest link in any pair of headphones.

The back of the Mi In-ear headphones are made of brushed aluminum to make a sleek profile and have been professionally anodized to prevent peeling and corrosion even after prolonged use.

MI Earphones 3

While Xiaomi has not announced the new generation of Mi In-ear earphones for sale in the PH, Kimstore is now carrying these awesome earphones for just Php 1,200, allowing Pinoys to enjoy the newest iteration of Xiaomi’s earphones for cheap.

Interested in snagging one? You can contact Kim through her Facebook page here.

This post was made in cooperation with Kimstore

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  1. What are the buttons for? I’m actually looking for one with pause/play, next and previous functionalities. Looks so pogi. Though an L-type jack would have been better for longer durability.

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