After India, Xiaomi Moving to Offline Sales in PH, Expect Slight Price Increase

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Xiaomi’s finally going offline and to retail stores

In case you missed it, Xiaomi’s officially going to offline stores in the Philippines. That’s right – you’ll be able to finally buy your favorite Xiaomi gadget from retail stores instead of ordering through Lazada.

The move is surprising and oddly enough, unsurprising in a couple of ways. Xiaomi’s always maintained that they are an e-commerce company first and foremost, which makes the move unprecedented, if only they haven’t done the same thing before in India. It’s also unsurprising, in a way, because the Philippines has always been an offline sales kind of country for better or for worse.

Of course going offline also entails additional costs – margins will have to be increased for stores, warehousing costs will have to be factored in as well. Mi Philippines lays everything out in their Facebook post.

As you all know, there are additional operational expenses that we will incur once we go offline, which is why we had to adjust our prices. Certain government regulations prevent us from having an online and offline price, thus, we are forced to maintain the offline prices for Mi products across all selling channels.

So there you go. We’ve heard rumors of Xiaomi’s official offline partner (it’s a distributor of other brands as well, which include Alcatel and Huawei), as well as the first rumblings of the move from Xiaomi’s own service centers. As for when the offline sales will begin, Xiaomi isn’t too forthcoming with the details. We’ll update you once we hear more.

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  1. sana if ever na matuloy man offline nayan sana meron din sila physical store sa ibat-ibang bahagi ng Pinas. .

  2. as per Daniel Brian… YES !! YES!! YES !!

    now on the serious side, will definitely buy one through a retail store, mas confident kasi ako at ang karamihan pag nahawakan or na test ung product, tska mas madali ang process kung sakaling magkaproblema ang unit unlke pag online purchase…

    about sa price increase, understabdable naman un sabi nga nila dahil sa additional operating costs etc. sana nga lang mga 300-500 lang ang dagdag sa presyo….

    1. Hopefully, yung pistons pa lng nag increase na from 659 to 849 masyadong malaki yung increase based on the original price.

    2. Based sa recent price ng pistons IEMs, nasa 30% ang itinaas at maaaring itaas ng xiaomi products. Hmmm….

  3. i’m also fine with a little increase in prices. i prefer holding and testing a unit myself instead of ordering and there’s no guarantee you will like what will be delivered to you.

    1. Kung yun ngang Meizu e kinagat ng tao kaya ok na ang may konting increase basta laging may stock. Wag na lang silang magheavy advertising dahil masakit sa ulo ang airtime rates. Pero yung O+ malakas magpromote sa eat bulaga mukhang nababawi naman nila dahil 1 year ko na silang nakikita sa Juan for All.

  4. This is not good 🙁 it will increased their prices because of this… Much better to bring all their products… Than starting to do dealership here… Its okay if they will not change the prices on lazada buying on a physical store is chaotic like the flash sale of cherrymobile…

  5. Ipabenta na lang nila sa Novotech tapos magbigay na lang sila ng komisyon. Pag service center, ipa outsource na lang din nila sa Aikontech para di na sumakit ang ulo nila sa panibagong structures.

  6. If it’s true that the partner sells Alcatel and Huawei products too, then it’s probably Novotech. Novotech sells them and much more (including ironically, if ever, non authentic Xiaomi powerbanks).

    Personally, I would think Datablitz would be a better fit, a store that sells tech related products but would be focused on solely one brand for phones.

    And what regulations prevent different prices for online and offline? I doubt that’s true. Similar prices for cash and credit card, yes, there’s such a regulation that favors banks and credit card companies. But online and offline? It’s counter to free market…

    Yes, they might have to cover offline expenses but a good partner can cover those and makes up for it in volume. Note, that a partner would already have those fixed costs. If Xiaomi will open their own, then the costs would be much more. And Lazada is not doing it for free, so those profits would just shift to the offline partner.

    The more likely reason is that Xiaomi products are not selling as briskly as their other markets, so the lack of economies of scale would means they would have to sell at a higher price to make it worth their time. As long, as it not too much, I’m okay with that.

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