After Mocking Apple, Xiaomi Skips Power Brick In Mi 11

Nothing really lasts forever, after all: after Xiaomi mocked Apple for not including a charger for all of its late 2020 iPhone releases, the Chinese tech giant is taking cues from the Cupertino-based brand by not including the charger for its upcoming Mi 11 series.

In a Weibo post, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun explained that the Mi 11 will come in a thinner and sleeker packaging. That being said, they have decided to ditch the charger and go the same Apple route of only including the phone and a USB-C cable with the packaging. We’re not sure if it is a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A cable, but we guess Xiaomi might go for the latter–and we will not be surprised if they opt to go for the former.

While Jun said that they did so for environmental reasons, it is very ironic of Xiaomi (and Samsung) to not include chargers on their upcoming phones when they mocked Apple for doing the exact same initiative. As a compromise, Xiaomi does have a 20w USB-C charger that is being sold for under Php 300 before taxes and duties. However, that charger will not be able to maximize the Mi 11’s rumored 55w wired charging speeds.

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  1. cost cutting is the reason and not the worn down alibi that’s its for the environment. big business don’t care about the environment. go mountaineering and you will know the truth. there is a thing called a door use it and go out. somewhere in Europe apple is being sued for not including the chargers in the packaging. i have a mi max 3 in a lovemei case (works like a tank) bought (july 2018) and used it since the day it got out. it has a type c charger.

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