AKG K326 High Performance Sports Headset

The AKG K326 with the iPhone 4 (in Otterbox Commuter Series case). They go well together, hehe.

Meet the AKG K326 High Performance Sports Headset

Looking for reasonably priced but high performance headphones that you can use at the gym or while doing your runs? The AKG K326 not only looks good but it also securely attaches itself to your ears while you do your thing and it also delivers great sound quality considering the price and it’s stiff build. We currently have a review unit with us and after trying it out for a week we can definitely say that AKG made this for people who have an active lifestyle. The hooks don’t come off easily and it also doesn’t isolate you totally from the rest of the world. This is important since you don’t want to get run over by a truck on the road just because you couldn’t hear the driver honking right?

Here are some photos of the headset as well as some additional comments on the captions

The headset package also comes with a hard case that you can use to store the headset when not in use. This is very nifty and I think all earphones/headphones should already have this as part of the package.
Like what we said earlier the AKG K326 has an earhook-type design to make sure it doesn't fall off.
Here's a nice thing they added as well! An in-line volume remote control as well as microphone.
Like? Like. 🙂

The AKG K326 sells for Php3,690. Check them out at Digital Hub/Digital Walker stores or any JBL Concept Store.

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