Alcatel Teases Flash Plus 2, Might Be Made Out Of Metal


Bang for the buck device may be getting a metal makeover

Last year one of Alcatel’s biggest sellers in the PH was their Flash Plus, a bang-for-the-buck device that exceeded our expectations in regards to performance and price. It was the benchmark of an international bang-for-the-buck device when it was launched, and it seems that Alcatel is readying the successor device in the next few days.

Alcatel has pegged May 17 as the launch date of the new phone, and a YouTube teaser of the upcoming device hint that it may be made out of metal instead of the plastic that was used in the original phone. Using metal in affordable smartphones isn’t new – rivals Xiaomi and Meizu have already announced several affordable metal-clad budget phones in the first half of this year.

John Nieves

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  1. After you abandoned Alcatel Flash Plus just months after it’s released? No thanks alcatel. This will probably be just another 1 year phone that won’t receive an update like last year’s flash plus. Then next year there will be another new flash plus. Never again alcatel!

    1. I love and hate my AFP, i love it because it’s swak sa budget, i hate it because its always freezing after just opening 4 apps. No update fixed the problem. But unfortunately, i lost my phone weeks before its 1st anniversary on my care, now i’m using xperia c5. I’m interested on this AFP 2. I might sell my new C5 ultra for this Flash Plus 2.

      Looking forward to this.

      1. That’s exactly my problem as well. 4 apps open FB,IG,chrome and youtube freezing na kahit ang nakalagay pa na available space is 600-700 ram. But i think that issue will be resolve kung naglabas lang sana ang alcatel ng lollipop update for better optimization. Unfortunately di na mangyayari yun and stuck na sa kitkat ang AFP. That’s why i’m not looking forward to this AFP2 kasi baka kagaya lang ng AFP mangyari…no updates. Alcatel has a history of abandoning it’s product.

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