Alcatel Teases New Tablets, Phones Ahead of CES


New phones, tablets and a wearable incoming

CES, the crazy, wonderful tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada is slated to begin in a few days but that’s not stopping Alcatel from announcing a few products early, though details are a little sparse for all of them. First off, the Pixi 3, an 8-inch Windows 10 powered slate. Alcatel promises that the Pixi 3 will carry voice-calls, the requisite front and rear cameras along with Windows 10 Mobile and customization through color skins and flip stan covers.


The company will also unveil their new PIXI 4 family of smartphones at Las Vegas, which include 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch phone models along with a 7-inch tablet, promising premium entry-level devices with a good mix of design, audio, camera and battery life.


Finally, the company is also unveiling their CareTime Children’s Watch at Las Vegas, which allows parents to know where their little tots are at all times via GPS.

Alcatel will be announcing more information about the new devices in the next few days.

John Nieves

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