Apple Cuts Price for Battery Replacements

Also promised to offer battery health information in future iOS updates

Following the furor it caused after admitting to intentionally slowing down old iPhones, Apple has issued an apology by offering a price cut to its charge to battery replacement: from $79 to $29, starting January 2018 for iPhone 6 and later users. In addition to the price cut, Apple promised to add information on battery health in future iOS updates.

While it is nice to hear that Apple is aware of the outrage of its customers, I think their response is not enough. As a former iPhone user, one of my biggest complaints with Apple is that they could not fit in a big battery inside their iPhones, and not have the proper software optimization to keep them running for the whole day.

Apple may have silently launched its fix on the sudden shutdown of iPhones with its iOS 10.2.1 update, but as how customers reacted to this iPhone scandal, Apple definitely made a wrong move with it. By intentionally slowing down its phones due to battery age, this is tantamount to Apple admitting that their batteries are not as durable as expected.

What can Apple do moving forward? Invest in R&D towards developing bigger (and better) batteries for its future iPhones and other iOS devices. Considering that the iPhone X has been dealing with lackluster sales lately, Apple needs to think of a new gameplan to be back on track.

What do you think of Apple’s response to the latest iPhone scandal it is facing? Comment down below!

Source: The Verge


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  1. They (apple) should have taken the consent of the owners first before installing that “fix” on the latest os update and it should be optional on that update.

    Ang mga os updates nila kasi may bug. Una, pag nag low bat na battery at mag off, ang phone, hindi na mag-o-ON. They tried to fix that with another update to slow down your phone, thus forcing its customers to buy new battery. You cant kill fire with fire. And that mistake cost them a class suit.

    Their latest update is a show of what they can do to their customers like forcing them to buy their sky high priced batteries which, for me, is unjust. Almost 4k ang battery nila. Wala talagang bibili nyan kundi yung mga taong naghihirap ubusin pera nila.

    Its a blunder move by apple, if you ask me.

  2. Good luck getting an out of warranty repair here. I bought my iPhone and iPad from John Lewis UK – which I got with a 3 year warranty – and they claimed it wasn’t a genuine Apple product because the screen wouldn’t turn on and they couldn’t find it on a database…even when I showed them after entering the serial number on the Apple website. The guy and staff in general at iStore repair centre in Cebu was lazy, didn’t even open the unit, kept confusing an iPad Air for an Air 2. Having gone back to London over the holidays the issues were sorted on the same day in a few hours at an Apple Store. Customer service in the Philippines is garbage without dedicated Apple Stores with genius bars.

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