Apple Releases Their Own Battery Case For the iPhone 6 and 6s, And It Looks Terrible

iPhone 6s case

Seriously Apple, WTH?

Apple’s iPhones have never been what you’d call all-day smartphones, and there’s a very real danger of running out of juice when you use them heavily as the day goes on. While Apple will never admit that, they have released their own Smart Battery Case for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S which is projected to extend the battery of both devices up to 18 hours of internet use on LTE, and up to 25 hours of additional talk time.

They also look pretty terrible.

The new cases are slip-on cases, meaning you simply put your phone inside of them instead of the case clipping on to the phones which has been the preferred method of third-party manufacturers since forever. To accommodate the battery, there’s a very noticeable bump on the back of the case, which is pretty un-elegant, as far as battery solutions go. You’d think that Apple of all people would be very, very conscious of the designs of the cases they offer for their devices, but that’s obviously not the case with their new accessory.

The cases retails for $99 or around 4.6K in our currency.

John Nieves

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