Asia Optical To Make 5X Optical Zoom Lenses For Smartphones

It’ll be ready by next year

Brands have been looking for ways to extend the reach of the optics of the cameras in their phones, with some turning to unconventional designs and tech to do just that. Well, if Asia Optical get its way, we’ll soon see phones with 5x optical zoom lenses in regular smartphones in the not so distant future. 

The company is reportedly developing a 5x optical zoom lens for use with smartphones, consisting of an aspherical glass lens piece and four plastic ones. The lenses are being made in co-operation with Israel-based software developer Corephotonics, and the company will start the certification process for said lenses by the end of this year according to Asia Optical’s chairman Robert Lai.

If things go according to plan, the company will have the capacity to build 12 million pieces per month due to 220 aspherical glass injection molding machines that are located in Taiwan and Myanmar. Once the certification process is finished, manufacturers are expected to receive shipments of the new 5x optical lenses by Q3 2018. 

Asia Optical is known for their glass modules that they provide for the automotive industry, used in sensing cameras of ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), for Europe-based automakers and US-based electric vehicle makers.


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