ASUS Prices First Water-cooled Gaming Notebook In The World, Priced at Php 249,995

The monster now has a price

We recently reviewed ASUS’ monster ROG GX700VO, and while we knew it would be wallet-shreddingly expensive, we had no idea what the final price was.

Now we do – ASUS has officially announced that their marvel of engineering will be priced at a quarter of a million pesos, or around Php 249,995.

While that’s entirely too much for any gadget (not to mention a gaming notebook) that probably won’t be a deterrent for people who want to have the honor of owning the first water-cooled gaming notebook in the world. Like we said in our review, as soon as we win the lotto, it’s going to be the first gadget that we’ll be buying.

You can read our full review of the GX700VO here.

John Nieves

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  1. One must be out of his mind to buy a gaming laptop this expensive, in fact expensive is an understatement…and besides, ”Gamers” rarely go out of their lungga so why not build a Desktop PC, besides you can assemble an equally powerful gaming rig at 1/6th of the price

    1. “The original Apple Macintosh computer was $2,495 ($5,555 in 2012 dollars): Sunday’s Numbers. $1,298: Introductory price in 1977 of the Apple ][. One of the first popular home computers, it featured the ability to display color graphics and had 4K of RAM.”

      1977 Mac- $2,495, 2016 Water-cooled laptop with monster specs- $5434. Asus ROG is cheap considering that it’s the first of it’s kind. Alam ng Asus ang target market nila. Love it or hate it, somebody’s going to buy it. By the way I had my first nokia 5110 for P8,000.

  2. Hello. This is Pau from Game Changer Philippines. May I know your contact number or email? I would like to ask some questions regarding CRD King solar panels and other gadgets?

  3. Of course I can’t buy a laptop this expensive – I’m only a mere peasant like most of you. But I won’t stop others who can – it’s their privilege.

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