ASUS’ Robotic Zenbo Officially Lands In Taiwan For $620


ASUS’ cute, robotic companion, Zenbo, has officially debuted in the brand’s home country of Taiwan recently. Announced by none other than ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih back in May, Zenbo is ASUS’ first steps at making a reasonably priced robotic companion that can handle simple home automation, as well as keep an eye on your kids and the elderly.

Aside from the tricks that was earlier demonstrated by ASUS, Zenbo can now also directly contact Taiwan’s National Police Agency via video call if something goes awry. Obviously the implementation of this feature will vary depending on the country where Zenbo is launched.

As far as pricing, Zenbo is a bit pricier than initially expected. ASUS promised a starting price of $599 (or Php 29.8K) when it was first announced, which has transformed into $620 (Php 30.9K) during launch day for the 32GB model. The 128GB variant is a bit more, at $780 (Php 38.9K) though this variant also comes with a self charging dock with every purchase. Right now Zenbo is limited to ASUS’ home country of Taiwan – hopefully the cute little robot makes its way to our shores.

John Nieves

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