ASUS ROG Phone II Beats iPhone 8 Plus in DxOMark

The gaming phone has decent photography chops

While ASUS markets the ROG Phone II as a specced out gaming phone, this spec-padded device (which is still the speed king at AnTuTu’s fastest smartphones as of December 2019) has cameras that are decent. With an overall score of 95, the ROG Phone II is better than the iPhone 8 Plus but is nine points behind the ZenFone 6.

While most may criticize that the ROG Phone II’s score matches most 2017-18 flagships, it is still noteworthy as it proves that gaming phones have a decent camera performance.

Breaking down its scores, the ROG Phone II has good autofocus and target exposure but suffers from inconsistent white balance and a rather limited dynamic rangeā€”for reference, the ZenFone 6, which has a slightly slower Snapdragon 855 processor, does a better job in processing photos and videos.

ASUS ROG Phone II Review: The Gaming Phone, Perfected

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