Audio-Technica PRO5MK2 Headphones Hands-on

Meet the Audio-Technica PRO5MK2

ATH-PRO5MK2 Headphones Hands-on

Audio-Technica Philippines sent us a review unit of the ATH-PRO5MK2 Monitor Headphones. When we opened to box we were happy to find that the model they sent us was the one with a camouflage finish (looks army’ish). This is actually the can that I was considering when I was in the market to upgrade my ATH-SJ11. Check out our initial impressions below.

Comfort and Build

The fit is somewhat tight, which might need some getting used to. However you can stretch the cans out and they’ll eventually be quite comfortable to wear. The ATH-PRO5MK2 has leatherette ear cups that will envelope your ears completely. I found myself using it for at least 2 hours before I had to take it off and give my ears some rest.

ATH-PRO5MK2 Ear Cups

The cable is partially coiled giving it more length if needed. This is probably more for DJ’s.

Sound Quality

To make a long story short the mids aren’t too detailed and bright. They’re decent but not great. The bass is definitely there especially if you use this with a dark sounding portable amplifier like the FiiO E11. If you like listening to artists like Usher, Daft Punk, Chris Brown, Kanye West, or other bass heavy artists then you might want to consider the PRO5MK2.

Really nice design. 🙂 Has a lot of personality.


The ATH-PRO5MK2 can be great cans for people who listen to bass heavy tracks at home or at the office. The cans are actually a bit bulky so I can’t imagine bringing this around with me to the mall or when I commute. Also if you’re going to invest in headphones and you want something that’s audiophile level then you might want to skip on the ATH-PRO5MK2 and go straight for the ATH-M50. You’ll just add around Php3,000 more.

SRP of the ATH-PRO5MK2 is Php4,999. Apple resellers like Power Mac Center usually carry ATH products. You can also check out Astro Vision or Astro Plus in malls.

Php4,999 SRP

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