Canon EOS M50: First Shots Inside Manila Polo Club

We take the EOS M50 for a spin!

After doing a hands-on with the EOS M50, we got to use Canon’s newest mirrorless camera for a few shots. Using the EF-M 15mm-45mm kit lens, we took a few snaps at Manila Polo Club, which include a mix of food, interesting decor, and some of the products on display at the venue. Check out the photos below:

For the majority of the photos, we were shooting at anywhere between ISO 3200 to ISO 6400. What’s worth noting is that the EOS M50’s APS-C sensor has an impressive noise management at high ISO levels. While it is not at par with EOS DSLRs, the performance of the EOS M50 is a significant leap for Canon’s mirrorless camera lineup.

As for focusing, the EOS M50’s dual pixel autofocus is speedy and accurate and is one of Canon’s better mirrorless camera offerings. So far, the EOS M50 is a promising offering from Canon, but we will reserve ourĀ remarks until we get to put it to the wringer.


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