Cherry Mobile Announces Cherry Watch Wearable for Php 1,999

Cherry Watch

An affordable wearable

Cherry Mobile has now officially announced their own hi-tech smartwatch, the Cherry Watch. The Cherry Watch isn’t an Android Wear device (at its price it would be a miracle if it was) but it does do a lot of things. Cherry says that their smartwatch gives you notifications, texts, calls and can even monitor your sleeping patterns while you’re wearing it.

The watch sports a 1.54-inch IPS display, and up to 64MB of storage which is expandable via microSD. Surprisingly enough it has a micro SIM slot for calling and texting, as well as a VGA camera and an FM radio along with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Cherry Watch is rather affordable, priced at Php 1,999.

John Nieves

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  1. Bought one last night. White strap. For sms and call notifs mainly. Very fragile rubber strap. Be very careful with the strap. Had checked a returned display unit with black strap at CM Ali Mall due to broken strap. Checked the innards and the plastic part was torn off. Even if you clip it back still it will fall off. Im not sure if glue would fix it without affecting the circuitry internals. When you open the back cover, there are exposed wirings and parts of the motherboard i think which makes the smart watch NOT water resistant.

    Re the bluetooth app, just download manually the specific apk version to your android to make the push sms (phone to watch) function work. Version 1.3.19 apk.

    Nice IPS display.
    Capacitive display. Very responsive.
    Stylish ala iphone watch especially with its iwatch theme.
    Very light.
    Moderate audio since speaker grill is at the back. Con with this design is sweat and moisture seeping in the speaker grill. I still prefer this than the speaker is on the display or any part on top because if it rains suddenly, water will seep into the front grille or whatever.
    The protruding crown is just for on and off. Nothing more, nothing less. No scrolling function when you turn it.

    Fragile rubber strap.
    USB port for charging is very close to the on and off crown. Awkward when you insert the average micro usb earphone headset. Take note: micro usb headset and not 3.5mm jack headset.
    Dont expect to text long messages since keyboard is very small.

    Re battery with bluetooth on: Under observation.

    For its price point at php 1,999 and your only budget, then it is ok for now. But if you have the mulah to splurge, then go for the branded ones.

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