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Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus Unboxing: CM’s Most Powerful Phone To Date

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 07

We Unbox the recently announced Cosmos One Plus!

Cherry Mobile has stepped up to the plate and has announced their own octa-core, LTE flagship today, the Cosmos One Plus. It’s clear from the specs that the company wants to challenge Starmobile’s Knight X in terms of specs and innovation, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with their new flagship. Today we’ll be unboxing the Cosmos One Plus, which speedily arrived from Cherry Mobile to the Unbox HQ right after their announcement. But first, let’s take a look at the specs:

Cosmos One Plus specs

  • MediaTek MT6595M octa-core processor with big.LITTLE technology (2.0GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A17, 1.7GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7)
  • PowerVR IMG Rogue G6200 GPU
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 5.5-inch full HD IPS display with Gorilla Glass 2 protection, 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 32GB of storage, expandable via microSD up to 64GB
  • 14-megapixel rear camear, Sony IMX 214 sensor with BSI
  • 8-megapixel front camera
  • Dual-SIM, Dual LTE
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS, NFC, HotKnot, USB OTG, Miracast
  • 2700mAh battery
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 04

Packaging and contents:

Since the Cosmos One Plus is the company’s latest flagship, you’d assume that it would have a radically different packaging to make it stand out from the company’s other releases. You’d be right – the Cosmos One Plus comes in a sturdy, all black box with gold lettering to make it stand out from the back.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 05

Inside, you’ll see the Cosmos One Plus whose screen has already been treated with a screen protector, along with a flipcase, USB charger, cable, headphones and a user manual.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 08 Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 11

Initial Impressions: Virtually identical to the Cosmos One

When we first saw the official photos of the Cosmos One Plus, we thought we clicked on the wrong link and was looking at the Cosmos One instead. After we finally got the Cosmos One Plus, our feeling of Deja Vu was enforced – for all intents and purposes, the external appearance of the Cosmos One Plus is the same with the Cosmos One, down to the arrangement of the keys and the faux-leather, removal back of the device.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 10 Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 09

If the external appearance of the Cosmos One Plus is identical to the Cosmos One, the internals are vastly different. The Cosmos One Plus is equipped with MediaTek’s MT6595M octa-core processor with integrated LTE and a whopping 3GB of RAM. The 5.5-inch display has been upgraded to full HD, and the device now enjoy dual LTE on its dual SIM slots. There’s plenty of storage available on tap as well – 32GB’s worth – which can further be expanded up to 64GB if you can find a card big enough.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos one Plus 02 Cherry Mobile Cosmos one Plus 03

We’ve seen the MT6595M SoC in action in the Knight X, so it came as no surprise when the Cosmos One Plus scored high marks with it. As far as the UI goes, navigation is pretty fast, without any hint of lag at all (which is to be expected considering the amount of processing power in the device).

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus 06

That’s it for this unboxing. We’ll be prepping the Cosmos One Plus as our daily driver in the next few days and will be posting the review soon.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. I am not a hater// basher of cherry mobile Products – In fact, I’ve been using their product for 3 years – I had an Omega HD 2.0. and I’ve purchased 2 other phones for my brother and sister,
    I recommended it as well to my GF and she purchased an Apollo.. I’m always depending Pinoy Phone companies from Bashers.. But I would just like to share what happened recently…
    I decided to purchase a tablet for my GF as a gift.. so I purchased the CM Navigator.. I did an extensive review on the device(taragis, technobaboy etc..) and it seems like a really good deal..
    But after just 4 days of buying it.. the auto rotate function isn’t working anymore, the touch screen started acting out and the ( VC) voice calling video (front cam) is not showing on the
    Tablet. Its still under the 7 days replacement warranty so we brought it back to the store where we purchased it on the last day of the warranty and I swear the tablet is in brand new state
    ( no scratches or bumps.. Hell, its just 7 days old !!! ) what happened is that there are 2 attendants there.. 1st attendant checked the tablet and did the factory reset ( 2x).. after checking it, she
    said that it is definitely for replacement.. she then asked her colleague to check it so 2nd attendant looked at the tablet as well.. she removed the sim and the micro sd out.. I did not know what
    happened but after the 2nd attendant checked the tablet.. she suddenly said that the camera lens cap is missing.. the 1st attendant then said that they can’t replace it anymore since there is a
    missing part!!! The weird part is they didn’t even bother to look for it and they don’t really seemed surprise!!! I mean, is it that easy for their devices to lose the lens cap?!!! They said that I
    should just bring the device on the service center (after just 7 days!!!) !!!After having a long discussion and debate w/ them.. My GF just gave up and decided to bring the tablet to the service
    center.. you know what happened?.. She was advised to leave the tablet and provided and turnaround time of 2 WEEKS to 1 MONTH!!! And for the lens cap.. 2 WEEKS as well!!! WTF!!!
    Everything that happened is so frustrating… So, for you guys who might encounter the same issue.. a piece of advise.. when you bring your gadget for a repalcement to a CHERRY MOBILE
    STORE.. don’t let it out of your sight!!! Have them inspect the gadget in front of you!! Or take a pict of the device before you have them check it.. I really believe that we were conned..
    But it’s their KARMA not ours.. Just giving you guys some heads up.. this could really be a new SCAM… I would really like to hear from you guys.. whats your take on this?..

      1. I dont he’s making stories. I also once bought CM tablet (CM superion first gen). In first 7 days i have it replaced for not turning on. After 2 week the replace one was not charging but overheating. It comes down to service center. They said it it will take 2 to 3 months “what the f@#k?” I have no choice so i did wait, after getting after 3 months i sell it for 2k after buying for 6800 pesos, poor me!!!!

    1. tingin ko hnd xa gumagwa ng kwento kasi kmi din mismo ng gf ko nabwisit sa servixe center ng cherrymobile sa sm north.. yung nabili kasi namin upside down yung camera.. 5 days palang yung cp samin ang sagot ba naman ee hnd dw nila kayang ayusin kpag program ang sira.. mag w8 dw kmi ng 1 or 2 months pra mapalitan ung unit namin.. kaya never na ko ng cm .. pero nung makita ko specs nito napapa isip nanaman ako ganda ksi ng specs service lng tlga nila ang prob ko..

    2. It’s not the fault of the company if the attendant is the one who loses the lens cap you can’t blame the whole company for the mistake of the attendant they hired , you can blame the attendant but not the whole company go report the attendant to their supervisor or manager with proof to fix you issue.. and one more thing it’s how you care for your gadget you can buy a Samsung and a Cherry Mobile at the same time if you didn’t care enough for your Samsung phone it will break faster than the Cherry Mobile it’s not about the brand it’s all about how you care for your Gadget..

  2. Maawa kayo sa pera nyo.. di ko sinasabi to dahil may kinakampihan akong ibang produkto.. pillin nyo na kahit ano gusto nyo pero iwasan nyo na ang CM!!! Maniwala kau.. sisiluin kayo ng magandang specs.. at totoo naman na magaganda ang features ng gadgets nila.. at napakamura.. ang kaso.. pag nagloko na.. ( na maswerte na kung umabot ng isang taon at malas nyo kung unang linggo pa lang) dun na magsisimula ang sakit ng ulo nyo.. pagpunta nyo sa service center nila.. isasampal nila sa inyo and 2 WEEKS na turnaround time para magawa nila ung gadget nyo.. tapos i e extend pa nila un ng another 2 WEEKS!!! kapag nakuha nyo na ung gadget.. ganun pa din ang problema o mas lumala pa!! pag ibinalik nyo.. magsisimula na naman kau sa umpisa!!! ganun ng ganun hanggang sa mag sawa kau.. yan and estilo ng CM.. matira matibay.. ang sumuko talo!!! Go ahead.. buy it and see.. but don’t say you haven’t been warned..

      1. Yan din mismo paniniwala ko.. kaya nga kinagat ko ung omega HD 2.0… kaso afterr 6 months.. nagloko na ung saksakan ng charger.. full charge lumalabas pero pag ginamit mo na.. biglang half na lang.. akala ko palya pag gamit ko.. pero nung chineck ko na sa internet. Known issue pala talaga ng Omega un.. hanapin nyo..

        1. paano ka ba gumamit? ginagamit mo yan while charging for sure,.
          ung binili kong Omega HD 2.0 at 1 sa kapatid ko, sa pinsan ko at sakin hanggang ngayon walang kaproble-problema,. ilang beses ko na nabagsak,. lahat ng Omega HD namin ayos na ayos. Even ung mga iba ko pang CM phones na pinaglumaan ko na at pinamigay,. ayos parin,. Hard Gamer ako sa Android Phone pero di nasisira ng ganyan ang Phone/Tablet ko,. malamang sayo sa ganyang lagay ng battery mo Malala ka gumamit…

          Search mo lahat ng devices na nag eexist sa mundo ngayon,. known issue yan talaga yan kasi madami nagamit ng phone na nag chacharge while using it…

          1. Eh anung comment mo dun sa unang post ko?.. cge nga? 🙂 saka di ko ginagamit phone ko habang nakacharge.. at hindi rin ako gamer sa phone dahil may xbox360 ako.. di ako satisfied sa games ng phone.. cguro nga bad unit lang ung napunta s akin.. pero ano masasabi mo sa after sales nila kung di mo nga kamo na e encounter ung problema namin?.. rather than contradicting us, why don’t you support us para naman pag butihan ng mga manufacturers ung aftersales service nila?..

    1. Same old story as last year, okay 1 cherry mobile center screwed you over?(I find that hard to believe though since I don’t think they are financially troubled enough to intentionally prevent you from getting a replacement unit lel).

      CM has its ups and downs, despite much flashing my First Flare(1.0) lasted 2 years(much abuse both hard and software) and my Razor 1.5(even more abuse, being dropped and shit) and yet they still run.

      If you get a lemon from CM, just replace it ASAP and take care of your phones. Tama na sa spam sir, its worse than a certain blogsite spammed in facebook “Ämen”(ehem) which posts all sorts of stories using same pics from last time. Please lang haha.

      Though naka Xiaomi ako ngayon, still glad to see local brands stepping up.

      PS. Do not want ung ME series, bring back the Flare series ilabas nyo ang octa core or FLAGSHIP ng bayan hahaha!

      1. Then dont believe it.. its up to you.. I’m sharing my experience and you are free to share yours well.. if you didn’t encounter the same issue, then good for you.. As I’ve mentioned.. I had the omega hD 2.0, my brother has the Razor and my sister has the Apollo.. only the Apollo remains working up until now..

        1. That means your sister is better than you. If you want your phone last longer, give it to your sister. dont use any gadgets anymore..

          Nag loko battery ng CM mo hindi dahil palya ung saksakan,. ung gumagamit ung Palyado!

          1. I think you are a SISTER urself!!! ha ha ha.. 🙂 maka CM ka na, maka sister ka pa!!! 🙂

  3. Magkano binayad ng starmobile sa inyo? Aminin na lang ng starmobile na naunahan sila sa pag release ng dual lte phone at ang knight x ayjust a figment of imagination.

    1. Magkano binayad?.. 🙂 ilang CM na ba ginamit mo?.. gusto mo makipag debate about their devices?.. 🙂 tanungan tau.. Honestly, di pa ko nakagamit ng starmobile.. baka palya din un, malay ko b.. pero ang ishina share ko eh ung experience ko sa CM.. you can buy SM, gionee, cloudfone, at kung anu ano pa for all I care.. wala ako kinakampihan sa kanila.. lam muh kung bakit?.. dahil nga CM ang ginamit kong phone!!!!

        1. (Malamang pakawala to ng CM).. bakit di ka mag comment about their aftersales service?.. 🙂 you should change ur name from “stupid hunter” to just plain STUPID!!! 🙂 ha ha ha.. kung masaya ka sa phone mo.. e di manahimik ka na sa lungga mo!! 🙂

  4. I’m curious why the photos are not HD? I have 2 CM products, both more than a year na. I consider myself lucky, I’m also careful. If masira, charge to experience nalang siguro. I may not buy a CM product again in the future. No offense to CM.

  5. …tagal na n cm omega hd2.0 ko.. Ok parin..d ko nman na over use.. Mas nauna pa ang samsung ko nasira…na sa ppaggamit lng tlaga yan.

    1. Made in the Philippines? Talaga lang ahhh. Saang planeta ka ba galing at napulot yang pinagsasasabi mo? Ung totoo magkano ba binayad sayo ng cherry mibile para mag bidabida ka jan?

        1. Kingina mo, bobo. Anong made in the Philippines? Rebrand lahat yang mga yan, bugok!
          Putangina talaga, dapat mas mahalan pa yung internet sa pilipinas para hindi makaaccess yung mga skwater at bobo na tulad mo.

  6. Ganda nga ng specs, palpak naman pagdating sa updates at aftersales support.
    Mga utak talangka lang ang bibili sa mga gahaman na local smartphone brands.

  7. sakin nga ng crack na nga ung screen ng flare 2x ko halos di ko na nga tinatanggal sa wall socket ung charger buhay pa din………1yr n months nato

  8. Tingin ko naman, swertehin na makakuha ng maayos na unit sa cm, I am thinking to buy tegra note 7 hopefully sana maayos (wala kasing nagbebenta nv shield tablet or shield portable dito eh)

    1. Its true.. may maayos naman silang product.. ung Apollo, matibay.. kaso nga, pag natyempuhan ka ng palya.. ung aftersales support nila ang tatapos sau.. un ang nakaka inis kasi di naman lahat mapera.. pinag iipunan natin ung pang bili tapos babalewalain lang tau pagpunta natin dun.. saklap eh..

  9. Not to bash CM fanboys here (I know there are many). Based po sa dami2x ko na basa na good and bad experiences sa CM mejo eto na conclude ko po. Yung mga nagka CM smartphone na tumagal, swerte po kayo pumasa sa quality control yung unit nyo. Yung sa mga nasira na agad or nagkaproblema (hardware related syempre) in less than one yr or within warranty period ay isang LEMON po. Ibig sabihin ang malas nyo po kse di po matibay nakuha nyo na unit, sorry ka na lng at thank you sa pera mo sabi ni CM. Kahit gaano ka ingat po kayo minsan swertehan lng din. Kaya pag nakabili na kayo, mag dasal muna kayo ng todo na sana tumagal at syempre sabay ingat din.

  10. Btw guys yung aftersales po mejo panget sa CM. The reason po is hindi lng po dahil marami CM users kaya nag pa-pile up yung mga irerepair PERO yung isa pa pong dahilan is masyado po sila maglabas ng iba’t ibang model. Bket po nakaka apekto ito? The reason is mahirap umorder ng parts for each unit. Ginagawa nila po is pinaparami muna yung number of repairs per unit bago umorder ng parts para mabawasan yung cost and shipping. Sobrang dami kse model po nila.

    1. Tumpak!!! nadale muh.. kaya nga nagpo post ako dito kasi lam ko madaming nagbabasa at nagre research na gusto bumli ng phone.. I’m just sharing my experience about CM, in the end, ung readers pa din ang magde decide kung ano gusto nila bilhin..

  11. I think you should file complaints sa DTI kasi breaching of warranty po iyan. Lalo na sa CM store na nakawala ng “camera cap”.

  12. Same SoC with the mx4 huh? Nice. But i do hope local OEMs can manage to use qualcomm SoCs on their flagships someday. I mean wouldn’t it be kick ass to see CM’s flagship running on Krait cores and top of the line Adreno GPU? 😀

  13. True story yan, i bought a tablet with CM as well for my Aunt, wala pang 7 days d n ng fufunction, at ayaw palitan, pinadala sa service center, aun walang ngdadala, nkatengga lang sa bahay, wala pang isang linggo nabili d n ngagamit kc sira. . . Nganga sa CM

  14. Nadala na rin ako sa CM, disposable ang mga selpon nila.. Swerte kana pag nagtagal ang nabili mong CM lalo na kung Android. Chaka pa ng aftersales, walang kasing pangit!

  15. Well hndi naman laht ng unit ng CM ang sira, yung omega hd 2.0 ko na noong may 2013 ko binili ay maayos pa. Ang naka ironic, bumili ako ng iphone 6 plus at nag bend kaagad.

  16. wag kasi kayo bumili ng naka sale..sigurado na hindi brand new yan..repaired mga yan ng mga nasira sa unang batch ng sale nila

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