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Cherry Mobile Fit Hands-on, First Impressions: Affordable Fitness Tracker?

Cherry Mobile Fit 05

We go hands-on with Cherry Mobile’s Fit!

Aside from the second iteration of their Explorer action cam, Cherry Mobile also sent over their newest wearable, the Fit. The Fit is designed as an affordable fitness tracker that’s capable of keeping tabs on a number of different metrics, all with the idea of trying to keep you healthy. Other companies already have fitness trackers in the market obviously, but in true Cherry Mobile fashion the local brand’s offering promises to deliver all of those features at a price that’s hard to ignore.

Cherry Mobile Fit 08

Initial impressions: Huawei Talkband B2, is that you?

When we first saw the leaked images of the flyer that the Fit first appeared it, we had the sneaking suspicion that it borrowed heavily from the design of Huawei’s Talkband B2.

Cherry Mobile Fit 01

Now that we have it in our hands, the Fit feels almost identical to Huawei’s offering. It’s also splash and dustproof, though we wouldn’t recommend taking it with you when you swim.

Cherry Mobile Fit 10

The Fit isn’t just a fitness tracker – it also pulls double duty as a Bluetooth headset as well. You simply pop out the wearable from its housing by using the buttons on the side and place it in your ear.

Cherry Mobile Fit 06

Cherry Mobile Fit 07

The .96-inch display gives you information like date, and time plus notifications. Swiping up or down on the display shows you the number of steps taken for the day, as well as the estimated calories burned so far.

Cherry Mobile Fit 02

The Fit comes with a companion app that gives you all the metrics that the device has been pulling from your day. You can also tell the wearable whenever you want to run, though there’s no way to track other activities like biking through either the wearable or the app.

Cherry Mobile Fit 03

While the Fit’s Php 3,499 price tag is a bit high for a wearable device from the brand, it pales in comparison to the initial Php 6,990 SRP that the original Huawei Talkband B2 went for. We’ll be trying out this little thing and comparing the metrics it collects to our Android Wear device so stay tuned till then.

John Nieves

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    1. Wag mo asahan battery life niyan. Bumili ka na lang ng international brand mas sulit pa pera mo. Parang bigas ang dami ng supplier niyan sa aliexpress.

  1. Nanangkopo nagkalat ang fitness tracker supplier sa alibaba. Kontratahin lang nila ang isa para lagyan ng word na cherry fit yung product tubong lugaw na.

  2. Wow! That’s actually a bold move for Cherry Mobile to compete with other Mobile phone companies when it comes to accessories. But this is actually a good idea since a lot of people are biting on these things nowadays. Gotta try one myself. Good review though!

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