Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 to take on the MyPhone A919i Duo?

Cherry Mobile hints at a new quad-core phone with this e-poster!
Cherry Mobile hints at a new quad-core phone with this e-poster!

Who will challenge the MyPhone A919i Duo?

It’s safe to say that the MyPhone A919i Duo Launch was a massive success. Hundreds, if not thousands, of customers lined-up to avail of the one-day sale at SM Cyberzone North Edsa Annex. You really couldn’t blame them because at Php7,900 the MyPhone A919i Duo was a steal. MyPhone’s competitors aren’t resting on their laurels though. We already have inside infos from several sources across the different local brands that they’re going to come up with their answer to the A919i Duo very soon. The most obvious challenger right now is what looks to be the Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0.

Skyfire 2.0: Quad-core, 5-inch HD screen, Jelly Bean?

Based on the teaser image that Cherry Mobile posted on their Facebook Page, their newest phone will also have a quad-core processor. The play on words on the description probably refers to their Skyfire line-up. We can already surmise at this point that the device will also be 5-inches and it will have an HD display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, at least an 8-megapixel shooter. We can also expect that Cherry Mobile will be selling this at a very affordable price, hopefully within Php7,000-Php9,000.

Hopefully though this won’t just be a price war. We have high hopes that Cherry Mobile and other local brands will put in more innovations in their new devices. For one they can start with really taking a closer look at the quality of their batteries and their camera optics.

MyPhone A919i Duo to make a live appearance on Monday’s Podcast

Our co-host, Alora, was able to snag a unit. We’ll be doing a live review during the Unbox Video Podcast on Monday, 7:30PM. Be sure to tune in as we put MyPhone’s hero flagship under the microscope!

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